$100 Dropbox Credit Winner

The Dropbox team has generously offered one lucky Web.AppStorm reader $100 credit, and we want to sent out a huge thanks to them for their generosity and for supporting the AppStorm community!

Earlier this week we announced the Dropbox giveaway along with 15 Awesome Dropbox Tips and Tricks, which has generated tons of fantastic reader-submitted Dropbox tips and tricks. Read on to see if you’re the lucky winner and some of our favorite reader-submitted tips and tricks!

Dropbox Tips & Tricks

If you haven’t read our first 15 Dropbox tips and tricks, be sure to check those out first. For your convenience, here’s a list of what has already been covered.

  • Share Photo Galleries
  • Consolidate Your iTunes Library
  • Password Synchronization
  • Create Your Own Digital Scrapbook
  • Keep Your Firefox Profile in Sync
  • Use Dropbox As Your Documents Folder
  • Sync Your iTunes Library Across Multiple Computers
  • Theft Recovery
  • Home/Office Security
  • Website/File Hosting and Sharing
  • PHP Dropbox Uploader
  • Multiple Dropbox Instances
  • Making Dropbox Portable
  • Sync Your iCal Calendar
  • Using Dropbox & Eye-Fi for Instant Image Viewing

Wow! There are so many fantastic ways to use Dropbox, but even more great ways have been submitted by you guys. Here are a few of our favorites.

  • Sync .torrent Files (which can also auto-start them downloading)
  • Virtual network drive
  • Store frequently used design/development resources for access anytime, anywhere.
  • Central repository and shared project management with common version history.
  • Track most recent login from IP (theft recovery)
  • Sync clipboard history across computers.
  • Add “?dl=1” to a public URL to force file download.
  • Font sync. between systems.
  • File version control.
  • Sync a mileage log between cellphone and desktop.
  • Sync presets, brushes, etc. for apps like Photoshop.

There are so many great tips and tricks for Dropbox that we may just have to put together a “Master List” of them with instructions for each. Let us know if that’s something you’d like to see. Thanks for your submissions everyone!

$100 Dropbox Credit Winner

Dropbox Tour

Dropbox Tour

Thanks to everyone who participated in this week’s giveaway. We’ve randomly chosen one lucky winner to receive $100 of Dropbox credit to be applied to their current or soon-to-be Dropbox account. Congratulations Benjamin Charity!

Benjamin’s favorite tip:

This one might seem uber basic, but it doesn’t get any better than using dropbox and growl together. When working on a team project where several people are working from the sane shared dropbox folder, growl notifies you each time a file has been updated. When working in separate locations this can be a big productivity boost as you see others are hard at work too.

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