Wunderlist Gets Comments and Pro Features for Everyone

Wunderlist is easily one of the greatest simple todo list apps ever made. It’s one of the few todo list apps that most computer users would have almost definitely have heard of before. But then, it took off so well because it was free — combine that with native apps for almost every platform, including PCs with less todo list app options than the Mac and mobile platforms, and it seemed unstoppable.

That was only supposed to be the first stepping stone for the 6Wunderkinder team, though. They originally intended Wunderlist to be a basic free todo list app, then to follow up with Wunderkit as their pro collaboration app. That plan got scuttled, though, and instead they doubled down on Wunderlist, adding pro accounts and team features. The pro accounts brought task assignment, subtasks, and new backgrounds back in April, but with this month’s updates, Wunderlist now makes perfect sense as a great team collaboration app without making their simple todo list app any more difficult to use.

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 11.44.47 AM

Wunderlist has had due dates, reminders, and shared task lists for quite some time, as well the more recent addition of sub-tasks and notes. Go Pro, and you’ll get file uploads and the option to assign tasks to others — even non-pro members. And now, Wunderlist has added the one thing missing: comments. All tasks, whether assigned or not, can now have comments added to them. It’s a simple extra, one that shows up right under your tasks’ other info as you’d expect. Best of all, you can see all the ongoing conversations — including any task that has comments — under the new Conversations dynamic list.

So now, you can share a task list with everyone on your team, assign tasks complete with notes, sub-tasks, and relevant files, and keep the discussion about the tasks all in one place: Wunderlist. Combined with Wunderlist’s existing push and email notifications, and you’ve got a great team productivity tool whether you’re working on one-off projects with others or using it to manage your whole company’s work.

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 11.46.07 AM

Comments in Wunderlist are a Pro feature, which gives you a better incentive than ever to pay $4.99/month for Wunderlist Pro. There’s also brand-new Business plans for Wunderlist that give you all of Wunderlist Pro’s features for your team at up to 30% off depending on your team size.

But even better, everyone now can try out Wunderlist Pro features on their free accounts. From any free Wunderlist account, you can now add 10 comments, 3 files, and assign 3 tasks to try out the new Pro features — and then, after you’ve used up that quota, you can still add 1 comment and file and assign 1 task each day, 100% for free. That’s a great extra for anyone who only occasionally needs the extra features, and a brilliant way to let everyone sample the pro goodness.

Wunderlist is easily the todo list app to beat, with great free apps on every platform including its brand-new Chrome Packaged App, and almost every todo list tool you could think of. It’ll be exciting to see how they continue to innovate, especially with their new design strategy prompted by iOS 7.