Make New Friends With Random Rounds

Many video chat apps, randomizing ones in particular, have come and gone in the past year. Among the bunch, Rounds came out with flying colors. The differentiating factor lies in the shared experiences people can create together on Video Chat Rounds. Using the different games and activities available on the platform, users are able to interact and share together, not just video chat.

Even after all the hype and hoopla over Chatroulette has vanished, there’s still a sizable audience for random video chats with strangers. After the break we’ll take a sneak peek at Rounds’ newest launch and the ground rules to make the most out of it.


Rounds is a full blown communication and collaboration platform that leverages the power of video and audio. With a combination of webcam chats, interactive YouTube watching sessions and real-time games, Rounds successfully jars geographical boundaries to the maximum possible extent, bringing people closer.

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Video Chat Rounds

Video Chat Rounds

Towards the end of 2010, they created a Facebook app to chat and engage with your friends. Personally, I thought it was a brilliant idea as the Rounds app on Facebook would take advantage of the network effect to entertain its users. Operating on the Facebook platform cuts a major hassle — signing up for the new service and building a network of friends again.

All New Random Rounds

Today, Rounds has launched an interesting feature that was all the rage (for however short a time that may have been) last year — video chat with random strangers.

Aptly named Random Rounds, the new feature will allow members to randomly meet each other on Facebook. What worked for Chatroulette was its pure randomness in selecting webcams from around the world. More so, the controversy over self-exposing creeps brought in viral traffic but not a sustainable one.

Entertainment & Games

Entertainment & Games

We can expect to have little to no exhibition unlike other random video chat sites due to the fact that Random Rounds works atop the Facebook platform. Now that every user’s name, location and identifying information is readily available, clothes have to stay on!

Obey the Rules

Using Random Rounds requires you to abide by certain rules and conditions to make the experience safe and fun for everyone involved. First, to gain access to this feature, you will have to have 100 friends or more. I’m not sure why you need 100 or more friends to avail the feature. True, spammy and dubious accounts can’t have 100 friends, but I can’t imagine them having 50 or so friends either!

Parents with under age children can rejoice as members will only be connected to users within the same age group. This restriction is a thoughtful and laudable addition, ensuring an age appropriate conversation (or a step closer to it).

When you connect with members for a random chat, the real Facebook account information is shown. There’s no way to remain anonymous and all your deeds will be associated to your name.

There are also extra safety precautions put in place by the Rounds team to ensure a safe environment. A powerful reporting mechanism can single out “bad” users. Users who abuse the platform will be blocked permanently and will be reported to Facebook at the risk of losing their account. I’m not sure how soon Facebook will react based on those complaints, but it’ss good to see that Rounds is covering all the bases.

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