Droplr’s Enterprise Pitch for Simple File Sharing

The simplest apps are typically designed for individuals. Everything from the original iPhone to minimalist writing apps to simple file sharing apps were designed to help you be more productive and enjoy your work better. Even Word started out as a pretty simple app that just ran on your personal DOS computer.

Then, over time, more and more features are added and the product goes enterprise. That used to always mean that the app would have way too many features aimed at businesses and be insanely complex for individual use, and someone would have to start the cycle all over with a new, simple tool. And yet, lately, a number of simple apps have started taking on business-focused features while still staying simple. It’s pretty magical to see.

Droplr‘s new Business plans are the original simple file sharing tool’s first shot at growing beyond their current file-sharing tool into something businesses rely on. Best of all, they’ve maintained their trademark simplicity while adding features that make sense for teams.

Customization Without Complication

The new Droplr's Business pitch

The new Droplr’s Business pitch

The new Droplr for Business is almost the exact same as normal Droplr. For your team members, it is the exact same — they’ll sign into their account online or in the Droplr apps, and upload files or annotate screenshots just as they normally would with Droplr. It makes file sharing far simpler than most tools, since all you do is drag a file to your menubar and seconds later you’ll have a link copied to your clipboard to share the file privately with others or publicly with the world. Sure, it’s not the way most business file sharing works, where you’d share the original file where others could edit said file directly, but it’s one that works a lot more logically for the way most of us work.

And now, it’s customizable for teams. Droplr for business lets the account administrator manage everyone’s accounts and payments together in one place, starting at $9.99/user/month. The administrator can also add a logo to the top left corner of the drop page of everything the company shares, and choose to use their own URL or a yourname.d.pr sharing URL — which honestly looks customized enough that most companies could easily skip buying their own short URL. And every Droplr Business file has a secure link, to make sure your files aren’t released to the public unless you directly share them. With centralized team personalization, security settings, and billing, it’s file sharing designed for the way companies work. And if your business is big enough, you can even work with the Droplr team to get their file sharing tech running natively on your own servers.

It’s Still Droplr

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 2.37.04 PM

The great thing about Droplr for Business is that it’s still one of the simplest ways to share files. You just drag-and-drop files to your menubar, or upload them in a tap from a mobile app, and share the link publicly or directly with your colleagues. They can make edits, save and upload the file to Droplr, and send it back to you — and you’ve both still got your originals. Any app that has Droplr support built in will work with Droplr for Business automatically — and Droplr’s own apps are still great, with a new 3rd party Linux app to join the lineup. It’s the same Droplr, just now with team accounts and customization, one that’s raised funds just to target the enterprise. And that’s great.

If the Dropbox approach of keeping all your team’s files synced with everyone’s computers doesn’t work good for your team, give Droplr for business a shot. It’s a neat way to take the complexity away from file sharing, one that most people will already know how to use. And for the rest of us, Droplr still has a free option that now lets you share up to 10 files a day for free, and a pro personal option for $9.99/month that lets you share up to 100Gb of files with more personalization options.

It’s been a big year for Droplr, and we can’t wait to see what else they do to simplify file sharing for everyone.

Note: a version of this article appeared on AppStorm at the end of October, but was pulled when the Droplr team let us know that business plans weren’t public at that time. It’s since been updated with info on Droplr’s latest plans and features. And hey, to the Droplr team: sorry for breaking the news too soon before!