Adobe’s Best Free Stuff for the Web

Adobe is best known for expensive professional apps that only run on OS X and Windows, though they’ve made a number of rather awesome free web apps over the years over the years as well. At one point, I thought they had a solid shot at being a leader in the office web apps market with their beautiful web apps. But alas, they died a premature death and barely made even the slightest dent in the market.

Since then, though, Adobe’s refocused on native web coding — and seems to be distancing itself more and more from Flash. They’ve bought out Typekit but kept its free plan, and even made their own free web font library for unlimited use on any site. They also have a number of useful web apps, for everything from basic photo editing to a surprisingly robust screenwriting web app (which we can’t figure out why they made as a web app after killing their office web apps).

We just rounded up a dozen free apps and tools from Adobe over at Mac.AppStorm, and you should take a minute to check it out. There’s a number of web apps in the list, as well as native Mac and Windows apps (and even one for Linux) for everything from photo syncing to web coding.

Checkout our full Roundup of free apps from Adobe at Mac.AppStorm…