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It’s not a straightforward choice when picking a web-based HR application for your business needs. With a huge amount of apps and with every developer promising the same capabilities, it’s often impossible to distinguish between the best options.

In this article we’ve teamed up with our sister site GetApp to highlight the best ranked web-based HR applications. To help you make your HR software decisions easier I will cover the features that make each app special. Each of the HR apps I’ve picked out comes with a free trial so you can assess if it fits the needs of your business before you take the plunge and purchase the software.

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Craigslist started out as a list of items for sale, and over its lifetime it has really stayed just a list of items. If you have ever tried posting a number of Craigslist ads before, you know how annoying it can be. There is little available with which to format your ads, and the few tools Craigslist provides are difficult to use, at best. Some posters have nicer looking graphics that are inserted into the post, but those are a challenge to make on your own. So how does the everyday Craigslist user make nice-looking postings? A new service called PostMaven just might be the answer.

PostMaven is a beta service which, for the time being, allows users to make official looking Craigslist ads from templates. After using the easy service to make an ad that meets your specifications, you can then export the code from the template and use it for your final posting on Craigslist. You can make ads for an array of goods and services, so stick with me to learn more about PostMaven.


When a $400,000 house can be much cheaper than a $350,000 house, you can see how people fall down when it comes to making financial decisions. For the common man not versed in investments, equity and financial projections, what seems like a simple arithmetic task rapidly spirals out of control. If you look at the credit bubble which burst over much of the western world in 2008 you can see how irresponsible lending, irresponsible borrowing and the reliance on the value of a house increasing to secure a family’s future can lead to a catastrophe. What looks like a little bit more ends up being a lot more under many circumstances.

I bet many want to stay as far away from the volatile market right now. But hey, we have to make choices sooner or later. Ultimately, long-term financial decisions all come down to the compound interest you can generate on your wealth and assets. Einstein reportedly called it “the most powerful force in the universe”.

SmartAsset throws normal ‘mortgage calculators’ out the window, casting aside the claim that investment are mere percentage calculations. What about taxes, the increasing equity of the property, related expenses and closing costs?  That all counts too, and SmartAsset will help you calculate the real world consequences of your decisions. (more…)

Even though they’ve been late to the game, Safari’s extension support has spread like wildfire. People who are passionate about Safari are also passionate about making it the best in can possibly be. A robust community has formed here. And it’s my pleasure to bring to you, dear reader, a sampling of some of the latest and greatest Safari extensions available today.


There are millions of websites in existence and many more are created and released each day. However, if you’re looking to find out about the credibility of a website or just what other people think about it, you can always count on your trusty friend Google. Sometimes, though, it can be hard to find real reviews as most people only take to talking about things on the web if they’re deeply dissatisfied with something.

That’s where Doogl comes in. Doogl allows any web users to easily activate their bookmarklet on a website and begin discussion. With an emphasis on expression, you can always find honest opinions of the website you’re browsing in a matter of clicks.