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While many watch the super bowl for the football, many others watch for the creative and often funny commercials. I’m personally not a fan of watching sports as I’d rather play them, but I do enjoy watching the super bowl commercials — usually after the game.

While many of these sites will show essentially the same commercials, it’s the additional features like voting, commenting, video quality and overall presentation that will make the difference. If you missed some or all of the commercials, or if you just want to see them again, here are the top ten sites for watching super bowl commercials online.


Why watch videos on your TV? You can find thousands of videos online and you can watch them on your own schedule. From your favorite television shows to series made just for the web, you can find the right video no matter your viewing taste.


Over the first couple of weeks here at Web.AppStorm, we’ve focused quite a bit on (micro)blogging and the tools available. Another very popular way to share your thoughts and talents is with video. The rise of high speed internet connections has spurred the creation of many video sharing services. More and more people have the tools to create video and, correspondingly, the ways to share those videos has exploded.

So you’ve shot some film, edited the work in your favorite video editing software … now you need to get it online and in front of the eyes of your audience. Whether you want to build your band’s fan base with viral marketing or share videos of your kids with their grandparents, any of the tools we’ve listed here will get the job done.