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Who doesn’t love lists? They’re a great way to organize information and scribble quick thoughts from the top of your head. They’re a nice way to digest information quickly — after all, how many times have you scrolled through these AppStorm round-ups just checking if one app grabbed your attention? I certainly have.

Truth be told, lists are everywhere. When you check a forum, it displays a list of threads; a Google search shows a list of results; and most of the services you use that are focused on content present their information as lists, one way or another. Perhaps we can assume that the whole information architecture of the web is based on lists.

There’s one thing missing, though: your lists. Where are you keeping them? Join us in this round-up to find the best app for you.


I know that the summer, a time in particular where people take time to read, is just about done, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop reading! Heck, when Hurricane Irene hit my neck of the woods and power was out, just about all I could do was read. Plus, winter is right around the corner, and what better thing to do to pass the time than read (when you’re not shoveling snow)? With all of that in mind, I’ve put together a list of 12+ websites and eBook stores to help you find whatever book it is you’re looking to read.


We all need to take a break from the digital world for awhile and get outside to experience the real world and all it has to offer. Maybe you’re looking for things to do or maybe you’re just looking for ways to enhance the activities you already do; recreation apps like these can make a big difference.

By taking a minute to check your computer before heading outside, you can up your game — no matter what your plans are. These ten great recreation web apps will help you find something to do and make the most of it, or make the most of what you already do!


The web has had a definite effect on the travel industry, enabling people to be their own travel agents. With the improvements in mapping technologies and the ability to share knowledge, it has never been easier to find the information you need regarding the places you want to see.

The following list of sites can be useful in your planning. Some help you find the best airfares and hotels, while others help you decide what you should do when you get to your destination.

If you are traveling some time soon, use these sites to save yourself money and find all the best kept secrets of your destination that will make your holiday as memorable as possible.