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Like a lot of others, I love Google Calendar. It’s well maintained and constantly updated with useful features. While it has the right set of features with almost no bloat, some of us might find it to be a bit underwhelming. Lack of social sharing features is clearly one downside to Google Calendar.

After the break, we have rounded up a list of calendar and scheduling apps that go above and beyond the conventional usage. There’s so many ways you can schedule your time and collaborate with your team. With the diversity of web apps available today, there’s a calendar app for almost any type of scheduling you can think of. Read on to see the 15 most unique calendar apps we’ve rounded up.


Timely: Simple, Effective Time Tracking App

Currently, one of the most imperative skills we need to work on is time management. Tracking the amount of time you spent on different tasks can be as difficult as the task itself. If you do not know how many hours you have worked on a specific project, it creates problems when you have to invoice your clients. It becomes even more difficult when you are working as a remote team. What do you do in such a situation? If you search the internet, there are hundreds of time management applications that help you become more prolific. But the problem with the majority of the applications is that some of them are too expensive while others are difficult to use and requires time to get used to the interface. If you are looking for an efficient time tracking application, I would suggest you to give the application called “Timely” a try.
Timely is a very simple and easy to use application that helps you track your billable hours and tells you how much money you have made during the month. The application has user friendly interface that makes logging hours spent on different projects one click away.


Twitter recently announced that over 200 million Tweets are posted each day. This is an incredible figure, underlying the success of the service. Spending time on Twitter boasts plenty of advantages, yet I’ve found that one can get easily sucked in and spend too much time than is good for our workflow.

So here are 10 great tools that I am using each day to make the most of Twitter, whilst still remaining productive.


Time is of the essence. At least, it is when you work for yourself. Every self employed freelancer dreads wasting it and yet there seem to be so many niggling tasks that suck it away. Arranging meetings with clients, team mates, or other freelancers can be one of these tasks that simply takes longer than it should.

And time has been on my mind of late. So yesterday I looked at how to use Setster to take the pain out of organizing appointments with clients. Today, let’s look at 5 web apps that are intended to make meeting organizing and calendar management more efficient.