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Browser extensions are a great way of extending the functionality of a browser through a third-party and can add a ton of useful utlities, features and customisation options.  These modifications can be as big a part of your life as the network itself, creating disappointment when you log in somewhere and the extension isn’t present.

Earlier this week, we took a quick look at some great browser extensions for Twitter. Today we’re going to look at Facebook and a bunch of browser extensions to support and modify it, including the simple things like zooming in on photos to the larger things like manipulating your news feed and even integrating it with Google+!


Twitter can be an awesome tool and is, with no doubt, my favourite social network. Personally, the sleek design and functionality of the Twitter app on Mac draws me to use native apps instead, but when I was a Windows users, the web app was my favourite method of connecting. Luckily, being browser-based, the Twitter website can be manipulated with some extensions to customise the experience you have with it.

In today’s roundup, we’re going to take a look at some of the best browser extensions that optimise, customise and manipulate the Twitter experience on the web.


Twitter recently announced that over 200 million Tweets are posted each day. This is an incredible figure, underlying the success of the service. Spending time on Twitter boasts plenty of advantages, yet I’ve found that one can get easily sucked in and spend too much time than is good for our workflow.

So here are 10 great tools that I am using each day to make the most of Twitter, whilst still remaining productive.


There’s plenty of information on the internet today, but it can still be difficult to find that one fact you need. Google can’t answer your questions directly, and if you do search for a question, chances are you’ll find some off-the-wall response on Yahoo! Answers. Not exactly what you were looking for.

Instead, today there are a number of niche question and answer sites that can make your search for an answer much more productive. These sites are designed to let users ask and answer questions, and usually let readers vote up answers that are the best. There’s several well known niche Q&A sites that you may already use, but keep reading to see the best places to get your questions answered that we’ve found.


We all love Instagram. I mean, what’s better than taking a photo of your father when he’s sleeping on the couch, just looking nice and relaxed, then stylizing that photo so it looks like it comes from the 1970s, and then, with a click of a button, sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, and with your Instagram followers?

I’ll tell you what’s better. The fact that Instagram publishes a public API. Because while doing all the usual stuff with Instagram is fun, finding out what talented developers can do with all your photos is even more fun. As the folks at Instagram say, “Our goal is to make it easier for developers to create interesting and innovative ways to browse the ever-growing volume of photos posted to Instagram every second.”

Let’s take a look at 16 of those ways.


Getting your brand a Facebook page is like getting a shop at the prime location of the newest mall in town. Footfalls come in automatically without making much of an effort. People of all age groups, ethnicities, income groups, etc are on Facebook. So are their friends, family and acquaintances.

The chances of your marketing campaign going viral and gaining a word of mouth momentum are immense with this mammoth audience. At the same time, even a small slip will derail the campaign and people notice that too. So what are the right ways and key steps that make a marketing campaign on Facebook a success?


Mahatma Gandhi once said, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”. Facebook stands as the contemporary example that proves the quote so right. When Myspace was at the top people ignored Facebook, then they laughed at their ambitious plans to become a platform, they fought against privacy issues and despite all that Facebook has won fair and square.

Since now that it is clear we can’t beat them it is time to join them. There are umpteen number of ways to plug websites of any shape & kind into Facebook thereby nurturing a community, encouraging conversations, improving user engagement and increasing page views.

The choicest options and tools to tap into the billion eyeballs audience are coming up after the jump.


With 500 million registered users, there’s never been an online platform with as much marketing potential as Facebook. Nowadays all the buzz around promoting your business or brand is focused towards Twitter, but Twitter is relatively small when it comes to audience size and isn’t a platform that offers much leeway to promote your brand. Facebook on the other hand is in its prime and is ready to be taken advantage of.

With the ability to get vanity usernames & URLs, flexible profile pictures, extremely customizable welcome pages, ability to have a conversation that is not limited by character size and a bunch of apps and an option to add custom coded apps, it is now possible to promote your brand left, right and center via Facebook fan pages.

After the jump we will touch down the tip of the Facebook fan page customization iceberg.


Love it or hate it, Facebook is one great social network for individuals and businesses alike. With more active members (recently reaching 500 million) than the population of some countries, it’s easily one of the best places for marketers and fans.

After taking a look through tons of great Facebook fan pages we compiled 35 of our favorite and most inspiring. Have a look and share yours!


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