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Marketing is the cornerstone of any successful organization. After all, it connects your product with customers. Earlier, the process was manual. Lately, it has become mobile and social.

The evolving paradigm has also led to a change in the type and nature of tools used to measure marketing efforts. For example, web-based marketing automation software has replaced manual modes of marketing – and with good reason. You can these apps to automate your marketing processes. They streamline your processes, operations and enable you to quantify your efforts. What’s more, these apps allow you to connect across multiple platforms including the web and social media.


Everyone’s favourite microblogging social network has gotten huge enough to inspire an ecosystem of its own. There are hundreds of web apps and services that revolve around Twitter, enhancing some of its features or introducing new ones. Even after Twitter locked down its API and made many apps have to close up shop, there’s still a ton of great apps for tweeting on the web.

Instead of recommending multiple tools for the same task, we checked out all the tools and narrowed down our favourite for each type of action. So without further ado, here are the best Twitter apps for different needs.


What do you have to say for yourself?” is the question your Twitter account answers.

Opinions, experiences, current geographic location and ability to find hilarious links are what set one tweeter apart from the next. The platform itself evolved from a simple ‘status update’ tool to a flourishing ecosystem of people interacting, sharing and discovering.

As with any ecosystem there are those on top and those at the bottom. The higher you are the more active followers and influence you’ll have. This is a fairly useless observation for those who use Twitter to find news and check up on friends. But for people who use Twitter to interact with a community, market their product or service or research a segment of people, analyzing a Twitter account is a top priority.

Here’s a few tools that’ll will check out your Twitter, tell you what’s going on in the world and how much power you hold in it. (more…)

Twitter has long come under fire for not allowing its users to download their old tweets, and for arbitrarily limiting the time you can go back in search. There are plans to let users download their complete archive of tweets by years end, but we have no concrete information about how that’ll work. And many of us want more than just the raw data; we want a way to format, analyze, and automatically archive our Twitter lives.

These 12 web apps, tools, and services will help you on your way to a backed up, readable, and easily-studied Twitter existence. (more…)

This week, while Twitter again tightened their restrictions on 3rd party apps, passed its funding level, and developers quickly started releasing new web and native apps built on the new platform. was designed to be an open social network that encourages innovation and 3rd party apps. In fact, its own Alpha app is only built as a design reference, to show what could be done with the network.

That doesn’t mean that the Alpha app isn’t interesting, though. In fact, it’s already received a number of new features and tweaks in its first week of existence. Let’s take a look at where stands this week, and what the best apps have to offer. (more…)

I love Facebook’s timeline. It brings together my entire life in front of me on my screen, rather neatly. How would you like to relive the awesome parties you had at Joe’s, 5 years back? With Facebook’s unique timeline, it’s just a click away.

No: I’m not here to give you my usual, stereotypical lecture on why timeline is a good thing. I’m merely going to introduce you to a bunch of incredible apps, that makes our lives, er, Facebook Timelines, more interesting.


Pinterest is a great social networking site, but it is definitely still young and lacking in some features. Whether you want to pin an unsupported format or want an in-depth analysis of your “pinfluence”, these and other potential features just aren’t available in Pinterest (yet, anyway). If you’d like the Pinterest experience but with more features, you can either use an entirely different Pinterest alternative, or you can try using one of these Pinterest-based tools.

This collection has a huge variety of tools, including ways to explore, discover, analyze and more. There are even a few browser plug-ins to really make your Pinterest experience worthwhile. These tools definitely give Pinterest a whole new layer of functionality and you’re sure to find at least one you don’t know how you ever pinned without. Read on to learn about 10 of my favorite Pinterest tools.


There is certainly no denying the ever-growing popularity of Pinterest. With over 2.5 million users participating in the beta, Pinterest provides a new and unique way to discover and share the web. This growing popularity has, of course, spawned numerous sites that utilize a variety of Pinterest elements.

If Pinterest doesn’t seem to be quite what you need, you might consider trying one of the many alternatives. Whether it’s a “manlier” alternative like Gentlemint or a specific niche like tech-centric Curisma, you are sure to be able to find something up your alley. Read on to learn about ten of the best alternatives to Pinterest.


I have got a few gigabytes of photos lying around in my harddisk. Thanks to digital cameras and smartphones, now everyone has got a load of them too. Stashing them away in an external hard disks or DVDs doesn’t actually serve the purpose. Uploading them to one of the many image sharing and portfolio apps is one way to go.

Not only the images are backed up, you get to share those images with friends and family. And if you are professional photographer, it has never been easier to create a portfolio to show your prospective clients. After the break, you can find a bunch of web apps to share your precious moments with your loved ones during the holiday season.


Without a doubt, Twitter is one of the best innovations of the century. It’s a simple idea coupled with a simple interface that took them to the stratosphere. But after a few years and millions of dollars in venture funding, Twitter’s simplicity isn’t what people are looking for anymore. New features are hard to come by, and whatever pushed out is just way too cosmetic.

Right from the start, most of the innovation in the Twitter ecosystem has been coming from third party developers. They outsmart the Twitter team every step of the way. Over time, Twitter is just becoming an infrastructure that processes tweets from apps that aren’t their own. For those Twitter lovers and social media enthusiasts, we have compiled a list of Twitter apps that offer more value than Twitter itself.


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