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Each and every piece of content created is unique in some way and so are the many Content Management Systems available. Content Management Systems were supposed to be a wrapper that holds the content together in a preset format, and over time, CMS developers and SaaS business app vendors have gotten ambitious and started adding on more features to squeeze out even more functionality.

There are now a bevy of options when it comes to managing your company’s content, and this variety means you can select something that easily scales to your needs. Here is a list of web-based CMS apps that can help you get on top of your content.


E-commerce is big business, but a badly designed website (from both an aesthetic and experience perspective) can turn people away. I can definitely confirm this, through personal experience. Fortunately, there’s a selection of great, premium themes available on ThemeForest. In this roundup, we’re going to take a look at some of the e-commerce themes available on ThemeForest for WordPress and other CMSes. (more…)

On of WordPress’s key advantages is the wide and diverse catalogue of themes available for the platform, created by the design community. Some of the most popular premium (premium, by design, of course) themes come from our parent company Envato’s very own marketplace, ThemeForest, which hosts some fantastic web, mobile and WordPress themes.

In this roundup, we’re going to take a look at 50 of the best WordPress themes available on the ThemeForest marketplace, across a variety of categories. There’s tons of brilliant themes from a variety of WordPress developers across the internet, but we wanted to showcase some of the amazing themes coming out from the freelancers and businesses that sell themes on ThemeForest. You might just find one that perfect for your next blog, or two, or three. (more…)

Tumblr. With its creation it tried to usher in a new style of blogging, something more like an expanded tweet and yet still a rather shrunken weblog. The focus on mixed content, pictures and video and audio and text, was well received by the web community, and as a platform, Tumblr continues to grow.

From the design world, Tumblr’s easy themeing capabilities helped it gain a quick following from amateur and professional alike. Today we’ve roundup 15 awesome Tumblr themes from some of the best designers in the field.

Blogging, and its rapid rise in popularity as a way to self-publish, is arguably responsible in part for the great proliferation of web apps over the last few years. Back when blogging was only done by early adopters, you’d need to stock your computer with desktop apps — an image editor, an RSS reader, and so on. As bloggers became increasingly mobile, the need for always-accessible applications only got stronger, and today, many bloggers don’t need to leave the browser at all to get the job done.

If you’re new to blogging, you might be looking for a collection of web apps that will make your life easier. Today’s a lucky day for you, then, because you just found ten of them!


Do you want to blog but you don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’re already a blogger and you’d like to check out other platforms and their offerings? Blogging is common place these days but new people are discovering and jumping into platforms like WordPress everyday.

We’ve gathered ten of the best blogging platforms around, along with some resources for things like themes, plugins and tutorials. Take a look at the best of the best and share your favorite resources or platform of choice.


Tumblr is all about less words and more visuals. Finding a tumblog that posts an article with more than 500 words is a tough task. It’s just not that the Tumblr platform is intended to be multimedia oriented but people joining it are more audio and visual oriented too.

There are tumblogs filled with pictures of stuff that would be considered obscure even in the long tail, music blogs to promote the garage and indie bands, tumblogs featuring weird video mashups and so on. Tumblr directory is like niche-a-palooza and today we’ve rounded up a few interesting tumblogs worth following.


One reason blogs become so popular so fast is the availability of a variety of themes, both free and paid. Themes have aid people in developing an identity and voice. All the blogging platforms out there have an extensive collection of themes, templates & skins to spice up your content. Blogger, one of the earliest self publishing platforms, also allows customizing your blog, albeit with far less options than platforms like WordPress.

In recent times, Blogger seems to be overwhelmed by the rival platforms, primarily WordPress and Tumblr, hogging the limelight. Even without much hoopla and frequent feature additions, Blogger is a solid self-publishing platform, which is sadly being abandoned by casual and professional bloggers alike. But we haven’t forgotten Blogger and have rounded up a few unusual & cool themes to kindle some interest in your minds.


In the past few years, self publishing on the Internet has come a long way. With a number of platforms pioneering easy to use authoring tools and incredibly affordable pricing- click to configure & self hosted – writers can just focus on delivering quality content instead of managing a complex backend.

To make things even more simpler, Posterous jumped the gun by launching self publishing via emails. Type in the content in your favorite text editor or in the email compose window and send mail it to your preset blog email id to get it posted in your blog. Same is the case with images, audio and video. It’s just ridiculously simple. Recently Posterous has opened up the platform for custom themes and let us check out 15 of the very best among the selection.


Since there are no point and click software, like an Anti Virus solution, available to secure a website, people just consider the job is done once the website is up. It definitely is not. Protecting a website or webserver is possible only by continued efforts. Unlike a poorly protected desktop in your place of business, a hacked website will reflect poorly on you, your business or brand.

With the sheer volume of zero day threats emanating all the time, there may not be fit it and forget solutions for protecting a website. But there are always some time tested fundamental ground work that should be done to get the first line of defence up while figuring out a detailed security plan. After the fold comes a list of 15 tips that can help you lay the foundation for web security.


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