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Email is the most important online service you use — it’s essentially your online passport, used to login to most apps you use — but it’s often the most neglected. Sure, we check our email all the time — you may even run emailing marketing campaigns for your business — but how much time did you put into finding the best place to keep your email? Have you ever thought about the possibility of needing to switch email services, and how much that would affect your life?

Now’s the time to think about it. Let’s take a look at the best email services out there today, and how you use them to make sure you never lose all of your email. And perhaps, you’ll find an email service that you like even better than you’re using right now. (more…)

We love Gmail here at AppStorm, but truth be told, there are a few things we wish were different. How about letting us attach files directly from Dropbox? Wouldn’t it be cool if my inbox was sorted by files, size and other filters? Is there any way that my unruly inbox can be tamed? And why can I not simply schedule an email to be sent later?

Don’t worry. There’s an app (or extension) for that! Here’s the very best apps to sort your inbox, manage your contacts, compose emails, and so much more. These tools are mostly designed to make the interface work better, but you’ll find great apps that’ll help you even if you use Gmail from other apps.

So here’s to Inbox Zero!


Gmail is one of the most popular emails services today. If you are a Gmail user, you should have a pretty good idea that it already comes with tons of lab features to improve the productivity of its users. However, it still lacks few features that many users prefer.

If you are a Google Chrome user, you’ve likely come across a number of extensions in Chrome Web Store to add extra features to Gmail. Today, we have gathered a list of some of the best Chrome extensions that can improve your Gmail experience.

Let’s take a look.


You just simply cannot ignore emails. Now that almost all individuals and businesses are online, people are mailing the jeepers out for one thing or another. At least with telephones you just can turn them off or yank them off the wall to avoid the barrage of calls, useful or otherwise. But with an email inbox, there is very little control over the incoming traffic.

If you’re looking for that urgent project update from your client, in all possibility you will have to wade through the weekly newsletters, funny videos recommended by friends and bill mailers among others. To help you keep your sanity we’ve put together a bouquet of apps that tackle email overload, after the break.


Email is arguably one of the cheapest, most effective marketing tools at your disposal. Assuming your subscribers have knowingly signed up to your email list, you have at your fingertips a group of customers who have given consent to hear from you at regular intervals about your product. You’ll still need to package your marketing so that it’s useful and informative for subscribers, or you risk them unsubscribing in droves. But with a bit of care and thought you can create emails that are both sales and user value driven.


Spam tends to be an occupational hazard of using the internet. Everyday we receive tens or may be hundreds of spam mails, making life online unpleasant. All it takes is one rogue website to sell our email address and we will be in every spammer’s database in no time. Using temporary or disposable emails to sign up or subscribe to newsletters could help a lot in culling spam.

Today we’ll take a look at 16 web apps that provide disposable email addresses to find the best ones in this business. Jump in with me!


I’ve heard it said before that every time your hands leave the keyboard to use the mouse, somewhere a baby kitten dies. Okay, that’s a silly joke and an exaggeration. But spend any time with an expert in various fields in which a computer is a major part of the day and you’ll see the element of truth here.

Whether a designer or developer, someone working in the movie or music industry, or an intern for a larger corporation, experts learn to do their jobs more efficiently. You’ll find that he/she knows the shortcuts of their preferred application like the back of their hand.

Gmail is no different in this respect.


It’s been a while since Gmail came on the scene and changed web based email. And although the product still resembles the original in many ways, there have been a lot of improvements over the years.

Some of these improvements have made their way to the default client (Tasks for one), but many others still reside under the protection of the Labs moniker. But even though users are told that they use the Labs features at their own risk, many of these have been used by millions and have every appearance of stability.

Here’s a list of the Labs features that can help you make the most of one of the best email clients ever created.