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The 15 Best Productivity Extensions for Chrome

Recent statistics show that Chrome is solidly in third place in the “browser wars”. Perhaps the main reason for Chrome’s rapid growth over the past four plus years is the Chrome Web Store. The plethora of extensions and apps available for Chrome packaged in an accessible online store has enticed many users to make the switch.

I recently switched back to Chrome specifically for the productivity extensions. There were a few extensions I couldn’t live without and some I recently encountered having a good ol’ time perusing the Web Store. The result is a set of 15 extremely handy productivity extensions for Chrome. So, in some kind of order, here they are…

While I need multiple browsers for my job, Chrome is my daily go-to choice. Its where I spend my days working, though I sometimes open Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera for certain tasks. Why? Well, its fast, handles multiple tabs easily and has a great selection of extensions that make my job easier.

Extensions may sound like icing on the cake to most people, but when you make your living in a web browser some of these little add-ons can become rather important parts of your life. I was recently asked by a colleague which ones I thought helped me the most and that I thought were essential to my daily functions as a tech writer, and I did not have much problem rattling off a few answers. So, with that said, here is a list of my five favorite extensions that I use every day.


Every computer user has their own preferences when it comes to web browsers. Some might be in the favor of Firefox while others consider Google Chrome to be the best among them. If you ask me, Google Chrome is my favorite browser not just because it’s from Google, but because its simple, lightweight and easy to use with a gigantic library of web apps and extensions to improve the browsing experience.

However, all the extensions that are available in Chrome Web Store are definitely not be worth downloading. So, rather than wasting time looking for the perfect extensions for your browser, we have gathered a list of some of the best extensions available in Chrome App Store ranging from productivity to news to photography and more.

Let’s take a look.


Sometimes it seems that writing is more important today than it’s ever been in history. From Facebook status updates to txt messages, we’re all writing and reading almost more than we’re talking and listening. And while the internet has hastened print media’s troubles, many of us still read tons of text online weekly.

Whether you’re reading news articles, a great longform story, or a review of a new app here at the AppStorm network, sometimes the internet just isn’t the best place for thoughtful reading. From small font sizes to cluttered layouts, the web often takes the joy out of reading. Here’s some of the best ways to make your online reading experience better no matter where you’re reading.


Twitter can be an awesome tool and is, with no doubt, my favourite social network. Personally, the sleek design and functionality of the Twitter app on Mac draws me to use native apps instead, but when I was a Windows users, the web app was my favourite method of connecting. Luckily, being browser-based, the Twitter website can be manipulated with some extensions to customise the experience you have with it.

In today’s roundup, we’re going to take a look at some of the best browser extensions that optimise, customise and manipulate the Twitter experience on the web.


Even though they’ve been late to the game, Safari’s extension support has spread like wildfire. People who are passionate about Safari are also passionate about making it the best in can possibly be. A robust community has formed here. And it’s my pleasure to bring to you, dear reader, a sampling of some of the latest and greatest Safari extensions available today.


There’s no question that one of the premier features of the Firefox web browser is extensions. Since Firefox’s inception they’ve been a part of what differentiated it. And even now, when every major browser on the market offers some kind of plugin architecture, the depth and quality of Firefox’s add-on catalog still reigns supreme.

The best part of Firefox’s add-on community is its continued dedication to creating new and exciting things. We’ve rounded up 20 Firefox extensions you may not have heard of before. Perhaps a couple of perennial favorites made our list too, but for the most part we’ve culled together some of the latest and greatest that the add-on community has to offer.


It’s a sad day for Xmarks users, the most popular cross-platform and cross-browser compatible bookmark syncing app currently available. Xmarks has decided to close down operations January 10, 2011, leaving us wondering what we’ll do without the awesome app.

We’ve rounded up six free alternatives to semi-accomplish the same task Xmarks does. If you use and love Xmarks, you might consider making a pledge in an effort to potentially save the killer service.


Firefox is the king of add-ons and it’s proven to be popular and successful, helping users customize and enhance their browser and browsing experience. Chrome followed in Firefox’s steps, offering a growing selection of fantastic extensions. Safari may be late to the show, but better late than never!

Though Safari has a very limited selection of extensions available, a decent starting gallery launched with the release of Safari 5.0.1. Here are the top 15 new Safari 5 extensions.


When I was a young boy I always wanted to grow up to become a professional website designer. A few decades later reality hit and made me realize that my dream would never come into fruition. But, I wasn’t depressed at all because I found Greasemonkey. With Greasemonkey I could become a web designer for any website, making tweaks with a few lines of code. I could customize any website I wanted, getting rid of the stuff I didn’t like, and adding new features to my favorite sites.

Greasemonkey is a free Firefox extension that lets you insert bits of Javascript into the website you’re looking at and has made my browsing experience a whole lot better. It’s extremely customizable and can be made site-specific. If you know how to code you can create your own script, but if you don’t, you can head over to and find a huge repository of Greasemonkey scripts. Greasemonkey scripts can be used for all occasions, and I’d like to share a few of my favorites. Each of these scripts has improved my browsing experience in some fashion so I hope they can do the same for you. Enjoy!


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