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Remember Adobe AIR? With advancements in HTML5 and even Silverlight, AIR seems to have been left in the back of our minds-at least here at Web.AppStorm. Adobe AIR has some pretty great apps, however, that are still rocking the AIR space and even leading their respective areas (like Twitter).

We’ve pulled together 10 kick ass Adobe AIR apps you should definitely try if you haven’t already. Take a look!


As web designers and developers, we’re all aware that some of the simplest of tools can make a huge impact on our day to day workflow and productivity. Using a simple browser plugin or lightweight Adobe AIR application to automate or simplify basic tasks that would otherwise be unnecessarily time consuming and redundant can reduce tasks to a split second click or drag and drop action. (more…)

Over the past two months since Web.AppStorm was launched, I’ve received a good number of inquiries about Air.AppStorm. There seemed to be a lot of people curious about AIR apps and AIR news. Well, for the time being, we’ve decided to tuck the coverage of everything Air related under Web.AppStorm.

And today is the first day.