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One of the most popular web analytics apps available right now is Google Analytics. While it has a powerful collection of features and capabilities, one of the features I wish it had most is live tracking. While I do care what happened yesterday, last week and during the month; I often times want to see what’s happening right now. I generally use to track link traffic live, but that’s not a real solution.

Clicky, however, is a real solution; providing real-time analytics for your site. Real-time tracking could even be considered just the icing on the cake, considering Clicky offers enough additional features and options to make the competition hang their heads in shame. I’ll take a look at Clicky, it’s features and why it’s used by sites like Smashing Magazine and Mashable.


When designing a website for someone else or in collaboration with others, getting feedback on your work can be a pain to organize; uploading screen shots, adding notations in photoshop, and then emailing them out to multiple people. You would think there’d be a better way.

Notable, from ZURB is a better way, and a very well thought out web app for making this process way simpler. It lets you quickly get screenshots of your sites into the app allowing those invited to easily add comments over the visual elements, as well as looking at the code out back. This review will take a look at what Notable is capable of and its supplementary iPhone app.


Web design and development has significantly changed over the years, as have the tools and technologies involved. With these advancements come tools to make our lives easier, provide higher quality work and better services for our clients. Communication and collaboration over vast distances is no longer painfully frustrating (or impossible) and project or task management is now easier than ever.

Web designers and developers can also jump on virtually any internet connected computer with a modern browser to get work done without their main desktop applications. Wireframe, design, test, develop, deploy and so much more, straight from the web.

Here are 51 web apps to make web designer’s and developer’s lives easier than ever and crank up their capabilities. (more…)

When it comes to building a website, however small it may be, you can be certain that you will go through several modifications before arriving at the final structure as well as copy. Now imagine you are working in a team and each person has their own ideas. You can at least double to number of alterations that the website would go through.

Once your team is satisfied, you present your final proposal to the client and he wants to modify further. He wants to add a few more pages to the About Us section. “Oh, and the homepage needs more images”, says the client.

As the developer, how do long can you go on tweaking things without losing it? Well, that depends on your tolerance level and on how much the client is paying you for the project.

But maybe Jumpchart can push your tolerance level a little further and get you to a few more changes.


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