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Twitter is great to find out what’s happening in the world. But the more people you follow on Twitter, the more overwhelming it can get. Soon, your timeline is updating so fast that it’s easy to miss out on the important stuff — the hashtags that matter and people in your timeline who are important at the moment.

There are plenty of services to try and make your Twitter usage easier, like Favstar and Know About It. There’s even Trendsmap to find out the trending topics. But either these services are non-intuitive or are not personalized to your Twitter timeline.

Obviously, you want to know the best of what should matter to you, based on your friends and your lists. Tame does just that, and looks darn good doing it. (more…)

One of Twitter’s less talked about features is also one of its most useful — favoriting tweets. I typically use Twitter’s Favorite feature to mark tweets with links to read later (though some of the best ways of using it are unfortunately going away thanks to Twitter’s new rules), while others I know use it as they would a Like button. Favorited tweets are, therefore, worth checking out. And wouldn’t it be great to see what Twitter users across the globe are favoriting, all in one place?

That’s exactly what Favstar is. The app puts an array of tools to find the latest and greatest tweets in in the Twitterverse at your disposal. Whether you’re looking for popular tweets from all over or from just a single user, or want to find out which of your tweets are making waves, Favstar can find them for you. Let’s see just how useful this app is, shall we?


If you’re spending much time on Twitter trying to promote your business, you’d likely like to know how that’s paying off for you. You could track clickrates on links you’ve shared to give you some idea, but social networks provide so many ways for others to share your messages and spread the word about your products, simply looking at links wouldn’t tell the whole story. You need a way to keep up with your followers, so you can know who’s most influential, and see how your messages are being shared and who they’re reaching.

Fruji is an app that facilitates just that. It offers a powerful set of tools and features that allow users of the social networking service to analyse their Twitter accounts to see the sort of stats that they’re achieving. Read on to find out more about this promising app!


Chat rooms have been around for decades now, fulfilling all types of purposes. The first online chat service was in 1980 (at least, according to Wikipedia) and they’ve developed significantly since then. However, with the rise in social media that encompass private and/or public group chat, these dedicated services have became somewhat less necessary. With Nurph, the bridge between social networks and dedicated chat rooms has been built.

Nurph takes a Twitter account and build a chat room onto the side. The idea is that Twitter users can create adhoc chat rooms for their followers to discuss matters in real time, while still maintaining their Twitter branding and profile information. (more…)

Ok. There are way too many social networks around. Facebook and Twitter might be the ones that hundreds of millions of people use, but there still a whole bunch of social networks operating in niche verticals. And thanks to the advent of smartphones and trigger happy venture capitalists, there definitely is a social overdose.

So, you are an aspiring online entrepreneur who wants to join the social networking goldrush. What should you do? Think slightly different, slightly will do, launch the network, get some VC funding and wait for the big bucks to come in. FutureYear is a social network that deals with the future. With great skepticism, I took up the app for review and if you keep reading after the break, you will know whether it’s worth joining or not!


Given the explosive rise in Internet usage over the past few years, businesses are now turning to the virtual world of the Internet to advertise their products and services. Sites such as Twitter and Facebook are now commonplace for advertising as they offer a number of advantages over traditional forms of advertising such as newspaper or magazine adverts. Internet-based advertising is often a whole lot cheaper than print advertising and it can reach a much larger catchment area, often outside the traditional catchment area of the business.

The key question for businesses now is: how can they harness this increase in internet-based advertising and, most importantly, can it create revenue for the business? The whole area can be a bit of a minefield to businesses who have never ventured into the world of online advertising before but luckily there are some helpful tools on the Net designed to guide businesses through this minefield.

Raven Tools is one of these. It has a wide range of tools depending on whether you use SEO (search engine optimisation), social media networks or Google products such as Analytics and AdWords. This could be a real advantage to any online business looking to broaden its horizons.

Let’s take a look at Raven Tools in a bit more detail.


Getting things scheduled isn’t productivity. Getting them all done at the right time is. I do have a scheduling system to keep up with all of my blogging assignments for a couple weeks at a stretch. I rarely get them all done on time, but at least the schedule and the bleeding number of things that rollover to the next day everytime I miss working pushes me to put some more effort.

So a demanding boss, a nagging secretary, or a paycheck forces us to maintain a schedule for our professional life. But what happens to your personal and social commitments? Usually they get pushed aside to make way for the sake of a career. Of late, I have been trying to find work-life balance and I found feedCal. The web app automatically takes your social feeds and puts them in your calendar. Join me as I evaluate if the web app can help me be more social.


The most awesome thing about social networks is the ability to share stuff with friends and loved ones. And it is really ironical that the same sharing feature is fast becoming the most annoying thing as well. From over enthusiastic peers to professional spammers, people just mindlessly click away the retweet and like buttons, overwhelming the social stream.

It took decades to reign in email spam, but thankfully, spam in the social stream is getting the attention it deserves from early on. KnowAboutIt is an app that helps you fight all the social noise and spam by highlighting stuff worth looking at. The web app makes sure you know about the best links passing through your social streams. Interested to learn how it pulls that off?


Instead of the standard introduction with a potential scenario that the application can save, I’m going to jump right in because today’s app, Flowdock, has a lot of features. Flowdock combines a group collaboration tool alongside a social media tracking stream to help develop your products and your business. Think of Flowdock as your development dashboard, where you can chat and collaborate, whilst monitoring your criticisms and praises on social networks.

The space for collaboration tools is very much crowded, but Flowdock seems to stand out with it’s Mac-like sex appeal and awesome set of features. As you’ll come to see, Flowdock organises, aggregates and collaborates. (more…)

Twitter has become a really important platform for keeping people informed and that’s why many businesses and individuals use it. When you’re running a business with an online presence, especially with Twitter, it can often be easy to neglect this if you’re too busy focused on the actual business itself and it can make the account seem dormant and less likely to draw attention.

This is where Buffer comes in. Buffer is a uniquely simple app that provides users with a means of tweeting consistently, making the whole process of maintaining an online presence that extra bit more bearable. Find out more inside.


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