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Parents with young children (or those expecting) may consider creating a scrapbook for their children. Many document important life events, holidays and family gatherings, to give to their son or daughter on their 18th or 21st birthday. Doing this preserves the memories, the trials and the triumphs experienced during their formative years.

However, I doubt that in 1995, many new parents thought that their child’s 18th birthday party would be organized on Facebook, uploaded to Youtube and checked into on Foursquare.

Limetree offers parents the digital solution. You can upload your pictures, videos, sound files or letters to your account. On your child’s birthday (or any other time you select), the limetree is released. Hard copies fade with age; the cloud preserves indefinitely.

I’ve been a CloudApp devotee for years now. I’ve tested all the alternates — perhaps more than most, since I review apps for a living — and even called it a solid tie between Droplr and CloudApp in my in-depth comparison of them last year. But, as I had every other time, I returned to using CloudApp quickly after finishing the article. Nothing else could win me over.

It’s not that I’m so picky, per se. I used CloudApp to share images and files (mainly screenshots), and to shorten links (and then track their view stats). And CloudApp worked perfectly for that, so perfectly that I didn’t want to replace it.

The problem is, CloudApp has been standing still, while Droplr has been continuing to improve their apps and service. When Droplr announced their new iOS app — complete with an iPad version — at the same time that I was bumping into CloudApp’s free account limits and needed to consider upgrading, I knew I had to give Droplr another shot first. Several weeks later, I put the money down for a pro Droplr account. (more…)