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I come from a long line of teachers, both on my father’s and mother’s side. But, I strongly believe that you can’t learn everything from a classroom. There always will be a gap when it comes to understanding a classroom lecture. The gap is often bridged by materials from the library, group study sessions, private tutors and, of late, the Internet.

The volume of learning resources available online is staggering and you aren’t limited by geography to gain access to it. Like every other aspect of online content, the problem isn’t the lack of resources, but discovering, storing and sharing them is. ClassConnect is focussed towards helping you with the above mentioned issues all the while assisting teachers to create and distribute content too!


You’ve likely already listed your favorite movies, music, and more on Facebook. You tweet and like new sites you come across online, and if anyone kept up with your online ramblings at all, surely they’d know your preferences in everything from software to soap.

Then comes Pinterest, the latest social network that everyone’s talking about. You may have already seen your friends sharing links to it, but unless you’re interested in dresses, crafts, and cooking, you likely didn’t give the site a second try. Then, the whole world started using it, and even the President is sharing his favorite things on it.

So what is Pinterest, and why in the world should it interest you at all? Could it really be the next big social network?


In an online world populated by social media, blogs, and more, we are always sharing tid-bits. We might share a photo or a video or perhaps just a random thought that popped into our head. Social media has allowed the individual to truly create an online persona – whether that persona is a great thinker or a lover of self-portraits, what we share has really begun to show who we are. The rise of social networking allows us to constantly connect online to share and influence our connections. While a great deal of power has been handed to us in terms of online sharing and publication, we do not often think of all that we share as a brand.

Via.Me is a web and iPhone application that allows the user to act as a publisher and provide a great deal of content that helps to shape our individual online brand. Via.Me allows the publishing of photos, videos, sound and text, aggregating our social presences and sharing the content across multiple platforms. Read on to learn about how Via.Me works and my thoughts on the application.


I love Twitter. It’s my favourite social network and, to be honest, the only one I actually check up on a regular basis. I use, and have used, a range of Twitter applications, both native and web-based, to fulfil my social networking craving and we’re going to talk about them today.

Specifically, we’re going to talk about versus TweetDeck, both two official Twitter web apps distributed by the company themselves. Late last year, Twitter introduced “Twitter Fly“, a redesigned service that offered up a new web app, as well as some new features that we’ll take a look at in this article. Conversely, the company also bought out TweetDeck, and then released new versions of their native and web apps last year.

It’s really quite interesting that Twitter has two official web apps, and two official native apps. In this “Battle of the Apps” article, we’ll take a look at them versus one another.


Remember that picture you shared last fall? Or the link you shared in 2009? How about the note you write in CloudApp and shared on Twitter? Or that article that was about … ramen noodles. You shared it, you’re sure. Now how in the world can you find it? Facebook and Twitter’s search sure won’t help you, and it’s no where to be found on your computer.

Welcome to 2012. Back in 1995, folders were enough to organize the digital things you wanted to keep, as they were all on your computer. Bookmarks helped a bit as we transitioned to a world where the web mattered more than files on our devices. Native desktop search made it relatively easy to find our files and favorites. But today, most of the digital things you really want to keep up with are on your social network profiles, and for the most part, are wildly inaccessible and incredibly difficult to find when you want.

It’s time for a new way to organize and find the digital things that really matter to us, no matter where we shared and stored them online. We’ve looked at Otixo, a web app to combine cloud storage services, but it’s still more focused on the old files-and-folders viewpoint. What about the social media part of our lives, that in some ways is often a more important part of people’s digital lives than static files today? That’s where Jolicloud Me comes in.


It only takes a second to say planning leads to success. In reality, that’s easier said than done. The first step is understanding the importance of planning and adopting a plan that suits you. Most of the time a task management app will help you get started. The secret lies in sticking to your tasks and staying the course.

While task managements apps assist in micro managing your life, a digital calendar is the right tool for all the macro stuff. UPlanMe is a smart calendar that provides you with personalized event suggestions, specials, activities and incentives based on your specific interests in sports, music, restaurants, nightlife, shopping and television. Interested yet?


Since the advent of social networks such as Facebook, we’ve all pretty much had a second persona and an online hangout spot where you can trade messages, secrets, photos or just general chit-chat with pretty much anyone. It doesn’t stop there either: sites such as Virtual Life and Habbo have even tried to create virtual worlds where you create an avatar and go exploring to meet new people. Who’d have thought that was possible when the internet came around?

If you’re on the hunt for somewhere new to hang out online besides Facebook and that ageing MySpace profile you created several years ago, then Anybeat is a great place to start. It is designed as an online community where you can interact with people either near to where you live or from around the world. Will it replace Facebook or Twitter? Most certainly not. But if you want to share ideas and chat to some interesting people then it is certainly worth a look.

Let’s delve deeper into Anybeat and see what it has to offer.


Until I discovered Tweetbot for iPad, I was at my wits end not being able catch up with my Twitter feed completely. I’m following about 50 people, which is far less a number when compared to the rest of the Twitter universe. Yet, I couldn’t find a perfect app that could archive all the tweets and show even the tweets that showed when I didn’t refresh my feed by opening the app. Conversation management sucks a lot too.

That’s only about Twitter. Facebook is a lost cause altogether. I never know where I left off and from where to catch up. While everyone is hating email to the core, I wouldn’t mind if I could manage all my social conversations on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, comment threads, and everywhere else from one dead-simple inbox, just like email. That’s when I found FanMix.


However hard one tries, it is almost impossible to live without interacting with other human beings. Today, our online selves are more social than our real world versions. And this could not be a healthy trend. Mingling with the crowd often has its benefits. Uniiverse is an app that tries to unlock the potential of crowd sourcing.

Uniiverse is the world’s local platform for collaborative living. The web app allows you to find unique experiences and activities: learn a new language, join a sushi class, go scuba diving or something that’s far more exciting. Meet new people or reconnect with your friends. Could this app help us become adventurous in our day to day activities?


As we all, know social sharing is huge and is becoming more and more popular. We have sites like Pintrest and Gentlemint, which I reviewed a while back, that have grown in popularity due to people loving to share the things that they like and want others to know about. So I guess, it would be only natural that people would also want to share the music they are listening to as well.

I know there have been times when I have just wanted to share with others a song that is inspiring me for that day or a song that was stuck in my head. This Is My Jam could very well be that site that fulfills this need for me. It is kind of like what you would get if Pinterest and Ping for iTunes decided to combine one day.


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