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There are many things that I share on the world wide web with my friends and other people that I may or may not know. I share things on Facebook, Twitter, pictures through Instagram, posts here on Web.AppStorm and iPhone.AppStorm. I am also sure that many of you have your variety of social sites that you share things to as well. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one place to go to get all of your status updates, pictures, videos and anything else that you share instead of having to visit four different sites?

Well, a new web application called RebelMouse gives you this opportunity and much more. It is right now in beta, so it can be a little rough around the edges at times, but it is a very cool service. Think of it as Tumblr meets Facebook and Twitter, sound interesting? Well, read on to learn more about this cool little app.


As a frequent Facebook user, I’ve found that the UI has been constantly updated to make it easier to connect with others and share content – but at the cost of the experience of actually consuming that content. Between the news ticker sidebar, ads, notifications, and trending articles, it’s become a pain to sift through what I want to see and what I’m forced to see.

There is hope, though – and it’s in the form of a cool new app called Octofeed. It displays your home feed and wall in a squeaky-clean interface that’s great for desktop, tablet and mobile viewing, with nothing to install and no registration required. Let’s take a look at what Octofeed has to offer and see if we can’t enjoy our cat videos any more than we already do!


Up until recently, we all knew Bitly as one of the most popular URL shortening services on the web. It was one of the pioneer’s of URL shortening, and I relied on it heavily for this exact reason. I loved how I could customize my URL as well as track stats on it through the service. Back before Twitter automatically shortened links, it was one of the most important services for tweeting links.

But, recently, Bitly did what is commonly know in the tech world as a “pivot.” Yup, they completely changed the direction of their service into something somewhat completely different than their original plan of a URL shortening app. Granted, when a company does something like this, they are bound to take some flack for it and Bitly has been no exception to this. But, after I started to play with it a bit, I found that this new service is a good one and I plan to keep using it.

Get ready to meet the new Bitly: a social bookmarking service that just happens to shorten URLs, too.


As we all know, social networking has been the buzz word for the past few years with Facebook and Twitter leading the way. But, lately, I have started to see a bigger push to go away from such a public space. As much as I love to use these social networks, there are times when I just want to share something with a few people, and not necessarily all 500 friends that I have on Facebook. There are other times when I want to message a group of people and I don’t want to bother using any of my social networking tools to do that. Does anyone else feel this way?

Everyme is one of those apps that understands this dilemma and wants to help you out in this area. Yes, it is another social network, so to speak, but it cuts out a lot of the clutter and noise. It gives you the opportunity to communicate with people on a smaller scale. Let me show you more about what I am talking about.


Goal setting is an incredibly important practice for our lives. We set goals in order to advance in our careers, learn new skills, pursue passions, get fit and much more. Unfortunately, keeping track of all the smaller steps needed to achieve goals is often difficult. Actually achieving all of the steps and thus the goal is even harder, without some form of external motivation.

That’s where the site WorkSimple comes in. WorkSimple is a social goal-setting and tracking application where users set goals and then share the goals with their peers. This creates a sense of accountability, allowing for the achievement of more goals. WorkSimple offers applications for both businesses and individuals, although this review is focused solely on the individual application. Read on to learn more about the capabilities of WorkSimple and what I thought of it.


We all love movies. Movies can be fun, but nothing spoils our mood like a bad movie. It’s so frustrating when a movie fails to live up to our expectations. You could turn to a typical movie rating application like IMDB to find out whether a movie is worth your time or not, but in my personal experience, half the time I found myself disagreeing with the rating given.

Your movie experience is subjective. What you don’t like now, you might love in the future, and vise versa. So, is it fair to quantify the movie experience? In this article, we’re going to find that out and see how fits in.


It’s election year in the US, and if you’re an American, you’ve likely already been bombarded with political marketing of every form and fashion. In 2008, online spending for campaigns in the presidential election totalled about $177 million. Experts estimate that online spending in the 2012 presidential election will total somewhere between $1 and $1.5 billion. Knowing that, online interaction with potential voters is of extreme importance for candidates.

Votizen, a site connecting politics and social networking, is hoping to capitalize on that need for interaction. Votizen provides you with a way to connect with other voters via social networks and verified voter registration. Once you are signed up you can explore campaigns, endorse candidates and view voter statistics. Even if you’re not running for office, you likely have views about the election that you’d love to share, and Votizen gives you a modern way to do that in a dedicated political social network.


It’s hard to even fathom the amount of influence Facebook has on our lives today. Facebook has connected nearly a billion of us in the world’s largest social network, and accounts for around one out of every five pageviews on the internet today. For so many users today, Facebook is the internet. It’s the way they communicate, discover new products, share memories, play games, and more.

That’s why your business’ Facebook page is as important as, or maybe more important than, your website. With your own website, it’s easy to add anything you want: analytics, contact forms, maps, extra pages, and more. On Facebook, though, it’s not quite as easy to bring all of those features together on your page. That’s where AgoraPulse comes in. It’s an app that makes it easy to keep tabs on your Facebook page, and helps you make it what you want with apps, contests, and more.


I love books. As Elizabeth Scott said, “I like that the moment you open one and sink into it you can escape from the world, into a story that’s way more interesting than yours will ever be”. Books are my best friends; they don’t lie to my face, for one thing. They keep me entertained and encouraged. Whenever I feel depressed or need a shoulder to lean on, I turn back to a book, be it Jonathan Livingston Seagull or Goblet of Fire.

But not all the books are worth your time. We often rely on critics like NYTimes, who heavily rely on sales numbers to measure a book’s quality, to find our next book. But, more often than not, we walk away disappointed. Wouldn’t it be a better idea to listen to your like-minded friends rather than a complete stranger? That’s what GoodReads is all about.


Remembering to purchase gifts and send good wishes for birthdays, anniversaries, and other events is often difficult. While I remember the biggest events, especially those for close family, it is hard to remember extended family and friend’s birthdays. You have to make special calendar events for those big days, and if you don’t realize it’s coming up until the day before the event, it is a challenge to find an appropriate gift on time. Luckily, a new gift giving service called GiftDish was created to make your gift-giving life a bit simpler.

GiftDish is a service which connects to your Facebook account to keep track of the birthdays of all of your friends. Sure, Facebook already tells you everyone’s birthdays, but it doesn’t let you automatically send gifts. GiftDish, instead, lets you keep up with Facebook birthdays easier and send simple gifts (a note, personal video, or gift card) far in advance of the birthday. GiftDish also allows you to add events that aren’t on Facebook, such as anniversaries, graduations, or simply birthdays for people you aren’t friends with on Facebook. Read on to learn what I think about the service and how to best use it.


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