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Task and project management apps are a thing many of us use, either on a personal and collaborative level. There’s a ton of them available and I use quite a wide selection of them myself, both natively on desktop and mobile devices and online. is one such task manager that touts a clean, minimalist interface that makes project management a breeze. blossom organises tasks into subsets of cards to be quite literally dragged through a series of progressional steps that make for an easy and straightforward experience. (more…)

It’s great that there’s a spectrum of task management web apps to help you get things done. Each of them offers a different approach and interface, so you can choose from a wide variety to find the app that works best for you. After all, everybody has their own way of working through their tasks and projects.

FacileThings is one of the new kids on the block and presents a fresh take on the GTD app category – it’s not just a to-do list. Developed by a dedicated team in Spain, FacileThings urges you to think about all the things you need to get done, organize and prioritize it all and then work through your tasks efficiently and effectively. If your time management has been completely out of whack and you’re looking to get a grip on things, this might be the way to do it. Let’s try it out, shall we? (more…)

Project management can be a pain. It can also be something you look forward to. I’m a firm believer in the notion that if one has the right tools, a job is only as hard as you allow it to be. This can be the case for a lot of people when managing projects. Of course, there is the painstaking task of keeping track of just what needs to be done but if you’ve got a good task manager, why should this be a problem?

Bunker is an app that sets out to be a perfect solution for freelancers and small organisations alike and tackles the often distracting problem of getting stuff organised. Let’s take a look to see if it’s a good enough project manager to make you look forward to using it.


It seems like every week we review a new task management/to-do list app here at AppStorm, and it’s easy to see why – everybody has trouble getting things done. And it’s no secret that things get even messier when you’ve to collaborate with people on tasks, whether it’s a software development project or planning a party. Does 2012 hold the answer to our productivity problems? You’ll have to try Sandglaz to find out.

In the sea of task management apps, Sandglaz prides itself on being the one you’ll use the least – and that’s a good thing. Foregoing a heavy interface, focusing on reduced time creating lists and yet not scrimping on features, this is an app that you can use for personal tasks, work projects or group activities.

There’s a free version as well as paid versions for individuals and teams. Most of you are probably already using a similar app – should you make the switch? Let’s take Sandglaz for a spin first.


Many companies opt to use incentive or reward programs in order to motivate staff and increase sales or work done. Wouldn’t it be awesome to not only have an online incentive/rewards program but mix it in with some Foursquare-style gamification for a conceptually awesome motivation tool?

That’s what RedCritter Tracker might just be. RedCritter allows you to create new projects, invite your team and reward the completion of tasks. Users will earn points when they complete their tasks which can be spent in your own company rewards store and even earn badges! Trust me when I say that when I was told about the app, I was very excited to try it out. (more…)

Last year, we saw the rise of a startup company that began with the simple idea that everyone needs a way to remember, organize, and prioritize what they want to get done. They took that idea, and built an app called Wunderlist that was both beautiful and functional. However, the company, 6Wunderkinder, knew that they could take that idea a step further, and began to work on a bigger product: Wunderkit.

Wunderkit has been carefully designed by the team at 6Wunderkinder, and over the past year as they’ve released updates to Wunderlist, they’ve also been working away at designing Wunderkit. It’s finally in private beta, and we’ve been able to get in and try out out. Keep reading to see our first impressions of Wunderkit.


If you’re a developer or designer, chances are you’ve worked on a project where knowing the type of content the client will want to add is crucial to the design or development process. Emails are sent around containing the content but it can be incredibly difficult to keep it all managed, especially if that content isn’t final and subject to change in the foreseeable future. If only there were a system where content could be managed easily by both parties and kept in a manner that is convenient for both.

This is where GatherContent comes in. It offers an easy way for developers and clients alike to manage the content that will comprise the website while the website itself is still being developed. Read on to find out more.


Every day, lots of new websites and apps are popping up around the internet with one sole purpose: to help the everyday person of today manage the things they need to do. These are often generally carbon copies of each other and by there being so many variations of the simple to-do app, it can be confusing for most of us to know which one to use.

A new contender in this field is Pegby. It takes its own unique stance on getting stuff done and offers a radically different type of system than has been seen in most other GTD apps that grace the internet. You can read on to find out more about this exciting app!


Many of us work with people located in different parts of the world and services like email, social networks and file sharing have offered us the ability to do so easily. Even here at AppStorm, Matthew Guay, the editor, and I live over 8,000 miles apart, but we are still able to communicate and work together productively thanks to our internet connections. There’s a range of project management and collaboration web apps around, but wouldn’t it be cool if teams could work in a shared workspace, virtually?

Enter Kohive, an online, virtual desktop for collaboration. Kohive mimics the design of a computer desktop to bring an online collaborative space for your team to work in.


Bugs happen everywhere on the web, and it’s really annoying when one presents itself. Therefore, bug tracking systems exist in order to squash out problems by tracking a bug’s progress from being found to being fixed. If you’re making a website or web app, you sure don’t want your users to be wondering why your app is so buggy. Bug tracking systems have long been ugly system, however. While I’ll avoid naming names, some pretty major bug trackers just don’t look nice and aren’t presented in the user friendly way that they should be.

BugHerd is a breath of fresh air, bringing a beautiful interface and user friendly, responsive design to the bug tracking world. In addition to a beautiful interface, BugHerd provides a streamlined, straightforward bug review process that makes the procedure from reporting to fixing, testing and closing bug related tasks incredibly simple. (more…)

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