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Scheduling meetings online is a pain, period.  If you think Skype makes your life easy, well, think twice. First of all, you need to have an account with them, then download and install their bulky software, then pester your friends to do the same if they haven’t done so already (True story). Though this makes sense for heavy users on the longer run, it’s too much pain if you just want to have a casual conversation with your friends or just interviewing a potential hire.

Isn’t there any light weight solution that makes ad-hoc meetings simple? Google+ hangout is an interesting option, but that would again mean registering an account in their social network and adding your “friends” to it. No, I need an app that doesn’t require any setup whatsoever. In my endless quest to find the perfect app, I stumbled upon It looks promising at first-glance, so join us as we take it for a spin to see if its the group video chat app we’ve always needed.


Managing a group is almost always a nightmare, and it doesn’t help if you’re stuck using a low-quality web app to delegate tasks. Whether you’re creating the next best-selling mobile game, coordinating a rebranding exercise or putting together a yard sale, it’s important to be able to communicate clearly and oversee everyone’s work with ease.

Tracky is a fresh take on collaborative task management to help you with projects just like these. The app is beautifully designed and suitable for personal and commercial use. It also works great with your social networks. Let’s sign up and see how quickly we can get things done.


When it comes to general group and project management apps, there are plenty out there to choose from. In that sense, it really comes down to what each organisation or group wants to achieve from the use of the app and this can really help to cement that decision. Another factor that often comes into consideration is the cost of using that app. Most of this sort of app run on a freemium monthly pricing model but if you don’t get a lot of business that month or you don’t have any projects currently on the go, you could potentially be throwing money at an app that you’re getting no use out of.

Open Atrium changes this. It’s an open source “intranet in a box” that makes collaboration simpler and more affordable than ever. All you need to get it running is a web server with a few basic requirements and then you’re away!


It’s no secret that we here at AppStorm come across a bunch of new project management apps on a regular basis. There’s so many project management web apps, but then again, there’s so many ways of tackling project management and to-do lists that it’s hard to classify them all together. Because of this, it can be hard to find the best ones that aren’t just carbon copies of other popular apps already out there.

Some task and project management apps provide ways of making task management as simple as possible, others pack in a lot of features, and the one I’m looking at today provides a unique twist by defining the most relevant tasks for the day ahead. Enter, GoalStacker.


Whether you’re a freelancer, billing your clients by the hour, or are working with your team on an awesome idea, It’s always a good idea to track your time. Tracking time lets you plan your tasks better, period. But most of the apps available are riddled with bugs or confusing UIs. Some are over dependant on one platform (desktop or web), limiting their scope.

Today we’re going to take a look at the new generation web app, Toggl. It looks so promising and comes up with a cheesy tagline “Time tracking that actually works”. Does it live up to its promise? That’s exactly what we’re going to find out.


Our contest is now closed. Congrats to Stephanie, Luis Paulo, Cris Noble, RobertW, and Lox for winning a free TeamGantt subscription!

There are way too many project managements apps in the market. In fact, project management web apps are one of the proud inventions of the Web 2.0 era. These apps come in all shapes and sizes, with most of them having almost identical featuresets. I often wonder if they all use the same code and use just a custom CSS!

That’s why it isn’t surprising to see that developers these days are coming up with innovative names for their apps dropping the word “project” from the description. Gantt charts are part and parcel of managing projects. These charts offer a bird’s eye view of how well the project is planned and how exactly the tasks are coming along.

Most modern day project management apps give this mission critical feature a miss. But not TeamGantt. TeamGantt is the fresh new easy way to use gantt chart software online. Is it simple enough to use?


Have you ever noticed that it seems that your work can easily fill your whole day, and weekend, and then some? You’re not along. Parkinson’s law, “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion“, unfortunately seems to be all too true. And when you’re jumping around between dozens of tasks without enough time to complete any of them fully, you’ll end up feeling like you never really get anything done.

Taskk is a brand new app that tries to help you be more productive by letting you focus on what you actually have time to accomplish and finish in your schedule. It’s a simple app, but if it can actually help you be more productive, it’d be worth a try, right? Maybe that’s your problem: you need a bossy to-do list that tells you what to do, now.


If you’re an avid follower of Web.AppStorm, you’ll know that we review quite a lot of project and task management apps. The reason for this is that, in the age of everything becoming cloud-based, there’s a lot of demand for this type of thing. This demand means that apps must do their best to stand out amongst the crowd. One such app intent on doing just that is TriggerApp.

It promises to unify project and task management and does so in its sleek and modern interface. With support for several different features to ensure that no member of a project gets lost, it really is a great new contender in the field of management online.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ll have heard of Basecamp being described as the project management app to rule them all. Built from the ground up in 2004 to help users complete projects without getting in their way, 37signals‘ Basecamp has been a runaway success. It has become the weapon of choice for software companies, universities, design agencies, freelancers and everyone in between, because it did one thing well: helping teams work together on projects. Since then it has helped manage over 8 million projects.

Having learned a few things along the way, the team behind Basecamp gave it a fresh coat of paint and a few tweaks under the hood. Naturally, as users (and ardent fans) of this wonderful app, we just had to take a closer look. I went ahead and signed up for the trial to create a new project and kick the tyres on this redesign. Hop in and let’s take a ride through some of the major updates to Basecamp.


If you’re working on a project you’re really passionate about, chances are that it will show within the quality of the outcome. Some apps can really help to allow developers, designers and just about any team embrace the passion they have for a particular project and offer an environment in which they can easily plan out the details, ready for work.

Trajectory is an app that provides this and much more. It offers teams an environment that can greatly improve productivity simply by making everything that much simpler to manage.


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