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Quite a few years have passed since I sat in a physics class. It was one of my favourite subjects at school but, just like most things we learn in formal education, formulas, symbols, laws and facts tend to slip away.

Upverter certainly gave me the refresher class I needed. It’s an online CAD app (Computer Aided Design) geared towards designing electrical items, or at least the schematics for them. My limited knowledge could only stretch so far in terms of design. In fact I’m sure some of the contraptions I came up with would be fire hazards. But to an electrical engineer or Arduino enthusiast, this could very well be a new tool in the arsenal.

It’s extremely easy to use and best of all, for the home user it’s completely free. But it’s not just a run-of-the-mill schematic spin on MS Paint. It has a few aces hidden up its sleeves.


If you’ve ever worked on a web development project, no doubt you’ve had to have dealt with bug and issue tracking at some point. Whether this has been through the traditional email process where it’s hard to keep track of them or through a dedicated web app, it’s hard to find the perfect way to handle these. The dedicated apps can often be a bit cluttered and email can also be a pain to organise.

Luckily, DoneDone is here to help. It offers a clean and intuitive interface for teams of developers to easily manage and track bugs so read on to find out more!


For small teams looking to launch exciting new projects in the 21st century, the web has played a very big part in helping some teams get organised and manage their projects completely online. For this reason, there have been plenty of interesting project management apps launching that bring their own set of features to the mix. However, a fair few of these are pretty pricey and for businesses with a large number of employees relying on the system, the per-user pricing model can quickly prove to be impossible to maintain financially.

An exciting new app making its mark in the project management field is Getquantify. With its vast array of features, it could prove to be the saviour to every project manager looking for a complete solution without the high price tag. (more…)

Back in June last year, we took a look at Cage, a design collaboration tool that we awarded a full 10/10. Since then, big changes have been happening resulting in the all new Cage, a beta product and the subject of today’s review.

Cage is a collaboration tool that allows you share images of designs with others and then have them feedback on them. Or, that was the premise of the original Cage. Now, you can manage tasks, use Cage for video projects, have designs approved and more. (more…)

Cloud services are a dime a dozen these days, and all of them promise you wouldn’t have to carry a flash drive in your life. But how do you keep track of them? Sure, most have mobile versions of their apps and you can always use that on the go. However, seeing them all in one tool seems to be asking too much – or is it?

Hojoki is a web app that allows you to see a feed of all activities in your cloud apps, bringing together your Dropbox, CloudApp, Zendesk, and Basecamp, and more. It’s in Public Beta and is free for now – with a future pricing plan in store. So how does it work? Read on to know more!


It’s no lie that there are plenty of project management apps out there. However, most of these are targeted at businesses and while this is completely understandable as these are the core user base for this type of productivity app, some of them can seem a little bloated for the everyday user who just wants to get productive with their friends or smaller organisation.

If you’re part of this sector and are interested in an app that can do this for you, a nifty app called Groopt may be right up your street.


Many businesses today, perhaps web-based businesses especially, are changing from the traditional company structure. By allowing their employees to be more autonomous and having a less-sharply defined chain of authority, work can proceed with less interruption and without the need for consulting superiors on every decision.

10,000ft is a project manager designed to cater to the specific needs of companies using this new management structure. It’s beautifully designed and packed full of features. Let’s have a look at them… (more…)

We here at Web AppStorm love a good project management app and the one we’re going to be looking at today, activeCollab, is not just a project management resource but also a way to collaborate, work with clients and invoice, all in one great app. Yes, it’s another project management app and another invoicing app, but it happens to be a really nice one, one that’s definitely worth looking at, even if you think you’ve already seen all that project management and invoicing apps could offer.

So, without further ado, let’s dive straight in.


Goal setting is an incredibly important practice for our lives. We set goals in order to advance in our careers, learn new skills, pursue passions, get fit and much more. Unfortunately, keeping track of all the smaller steps needed to achieve goals is often difficult. Actually achieving all of the steps and thus the goal is even harder, without some form of external motivation.

That’s where the site WorkSimple comes in. WorkSimple is a social goal-setting and tracking application where users set goals and then share the goals with their peers. This creates a sense of accountability, allowing for the achievement of more goals. WorkSimple offers applications for both businesses and individuals, although this review is focused solely on the individual application. Read on to learn more about the capabilities of WorkSimple and what I thought of it.


With any development project or something in which bugs are required to be fixed constantly, it can be a real pain to manage what needs to be worked on. Developers need to know exactly what’s wrong to ensure that they can release fixes in a swift turnaround and prevent any errors that could result from the bugs. Luckily, in the age of web apps, there’s a web app for everything and in this case, there’s a perfect one for the task of this in the form of Snowy Evening.

Much like its name, it’s quaint and is a nice little app that really packs a punch in the field of issue tracking. Packed with an incredible interface and a really practical pricing model, it can be a really good addition to any developer’s toolkit. Read on to find out more!


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