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As a freelancer, I do a lot of wheelin’ and dealin’. At any given time I’m managing current projects, writing proposals, trying to close deals, and getting new clients. Depending on how busy I get, this can get very hard to keep up with. While traditional CRMs are great for keeping track of relationships with clients and contacts, sometimes you need a little bit more. Pipedrive aims to provide you with a way not just to manage clients, but a way to manage the overall sales process.


Accountancy is a very respectable profession. There’s millions of the guys, all diligently working away like beaver to ensure every penny is accounted for. They keep business moving day-to-day, advise the board of directors and help us with our taxes. We love you guys. So all accountants, you can look away now.

Here’s the problem with accountants: They bore me. Imagine being visited by your child-self and having to explain why you spend all day staring at spreadsheets and not fighting fires, flying jet fighters, arresting bad guys, breaking world records or anything remotely cool. They also charge a killing.

Luckily for small and medium sized businesses, software has taken a large proportion of work from accountants and bookmakers. We still need them to have a look over accounts from time to time, but these days, the process can be largely automated. Wave Accounting is one such application that helps users keep track of their business transactions. But does it match up to what we should expect of accounting software? Better yet, can it help you get by without relying on your accountant so much?


I remember the first time I saw IRC in action: I was about 10 years old and an older cousin, a computer engineer who lived with us, would log on to chat rooms to play Acrophobia, Trivia and MadLib. We were on a US Robotics Sportster 9600 baud modem and didn’t know too many other people in India who had an internet connection. Back then, it blew our minds.

IRC or Internet Relay Chat is a form of instant messaging with millions of users worldwide that dates back to 1988. One would log on to a server, pick a chat room called a channel, and then get talking. IRC hasn’t changed very much in all these years – it was meant to be basic and stays true to its roots (which aren’t exactly as described on Numb3rs). However, it was built by geeks for geeks, and so has undergone some development, which you can see in IRCCloud. This still-in-beta app brings IRC to your web browser and lives in the cloud. It offers a contemporary interface and some new features for advanced users. Let’s take it for a spin, shall we?


Creating a seamless pattern isn’t as easy as it looks. It’s easy to spend hours in Photoshop trying to create texture that will repeat perfectly, only to find that it’s slightly off, but it isn’t easy to get those little imperfections fixed. Instead, you need a tool that will automate the process of making your pattern repeating, taking care of the hard part while freeing you to focus on your design.

The COLOURlovers team has created a ton of tools for anyone who loves colors, palettes, patterns, and more. Their web site lets you discover new designs and share them, and their development team has been creating new creative tools to help you get in on the creation process.

Starting with their simple Seamless Lite web app, a free tool to create basic patterns online, COLOURlovers created an advanced pattern creation tool for your desktop: Seamless Studio. This app lets your pattern designs come to life easier than ever. Let’s take a look and see if this is the tool that’s been missing from your design toolkit.


With over 120 million members (as of 8/4/2011) and a new-member sign-up rate of two per second, LinkedIn is the undisputed leader of the “professional” social-networking scene. Still, some people have a problem with LinkedIn’s conservative design scheme. They want something that represents the excitement and passion that comes from loving what you do.

A number of web apps have cropped up to satisfy these more design-oriented folks (see our roundup of six of them), and each creates a stylish personal-splash page that you can attach to your email signature, print on your business card, or whatever.

Zerply, a new web app that launched last month, is both the same as these “personal-splash page” apps and different from them. Let’s find out how.


These days, the first interaction a company will have with a customer will most likely be via its website. I know any time I’m about to make an important purchase or consider a new service it’s straight to the Internet I go. It’s quick and easy; no wonder major companies spend thousands ensuring their websites are up to date and looking sharp. And for big companies, that’s all well and good. They can afford designers and developers to handle the customer experience. For small start-ups and businesses this isn’t the case.

The ‘Contact Us’ page is where you customers go if they have a problem with your products, have a question or want to head down to your premises. It’s a ‘call to action’ page; something which web copy writers stress has to be done right.

Formsly take the pain out of creating and managing your contact page and include some awesome features to boot. Every channel imaginable for your customers to reach you is accounted for, but is it right for everyone?


Amazon blazed the trail for eBooks with their Kindle platform, starting with the original Kindle device and the Kindle store. Since then, they’ve broaden their scope, and released native reader apps for almost every platform available: Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, and more. Even still, that didn’t cut it. If there wasn’t a native app for your platform, you simply couldn’t read your Kindle books. Linux and Chromebooks, among others, were out of luck.

That’s all over now. Amazon just released their new Kindle Cloud Reader, a full-featured Kindle web app so you can read your Kindle books right in your browser. It’s got all the features you’d expect, lets you save your books for offline reading, and even works great on the iPad. After the break, we’ve got screenshots and more info about the newest Kindle app, the app that just might be the main future of the Kindle platform.


Nothing beats fresh herbs and vegetables in your heart warming soups during fall or colder winter months. And who doesn’t like making a garden fresh salad during the blistering summer? No matter what time of the year it is, a little sunshine and time away from your screen can always do you good.

If you have a backyard, why not turn it into your own vegetable and herb garden? No gardening experience? No problem. Smart Gardener tells you how to pick the right season to grow your crops, design your garden layout, plant your seeds, and the right garden care for your crops. No matter whether you’re a master gardener who wants to improve your garden, or a novice gardener who is starting his first garden, Smart Gardener will tell you everything you need to know about gardening.


As a photographer or a creative professional, it should be easy to shoot or design your best work, day in and day out. That isn’t the problem. Showcasing your work is. If you are planning to sell your work online, that adds another layer of complexity to the process. To avoid paying an arm and leg for web design and development and to get started instantly, hosted portfolio services are a popular choice.

Pixpa promotes itself as a web app that assists photographers, artists and designers in creating a portfolio to showcase, share and sell all their online. Does it live up to the promise? We sure are going to check it out.


When you’ve developed what you think is the coolest new service or digital product that you’d like to distribute online, it’s important – as with any other product – to get it out there as soon as it’s ready. It’s for this reason that so many creators turn to web apps to manage the technical side of actually processing the payments. If you’re based in the US and need something to do the hard work for you of payments, look no further than PintPay.

PintPay is a brand new app that makes payment processing simple and affordable, ensuring that payments can be taken in minutes. Read on to find out more.


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