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Hollywood churns out so many movies every year. Even for an ardent movie buff, it is tough to stay on top all hot releases, let alone good ones. If you a are a casual moviegoer, then it is doubly tough to know which movie is watchable and worth making the trip to a theatre or paying up for on an on-demand service.

For years, IMDB has been the primary source of movie related information and they do have a great database. Except for a few changes to the homepage, though, the website remains its same old clunky self. Letterboxd is a new web app that’s focused on helping movie fans find and recommend movies socially. It does so with a modern UI that puts movies front and center.


Looking through your site’s analytics can be insightful and unsettling at the same time. You can see how many people read your latest articles, but then wonder why they didn’t share the link or join in the conversation. Disqus has tried to take on this problem by making comments more social, and building in a new ranks system to let your loyal readers show that they’re staying involved.

We’re going to take a look at some of the newest features in Disqus, and how you can use them to enhance your site’s community. Then, we’ve got 2 Disqus Pro accounts to giveaway to our readers: a 1 year subscription, and a 6 month subscription. Keep reading to learn more about Disqus and how you can win Disqus Pro for your site!

Our giveaway is closed for new entries, but you can vote on the site you want to see with a Disqus Pro subscription on our 2nd round article!


Online surveys are a drag. Usually, they’re just a series of questions on a drab-looking page that are no fun to answer, and they make you wish you hadn’t agreed to fill out the survey in the first place. That’s probably why market researchers, advertising firms, online stores, and corporations worry about completion rates – if a participant doesn’t finish a survey, the data gathered is often of little or no use for their analysis. So what are your options? You can either spend a lot of time and money building a well-designed survey from scratch, or you can try PopSurvey.

PopSurvey helps you create beautiful surveys that people will want to complete. The app makes it easy to build surveys, analyze results and promote your surveys. It’s currently available with a number of plans to suit your needs, including a free one and is great for getting started with conducting surveys. But will PopSurvey meet your requirements? Let’s test-drive it to find out.


As incredible as it may seem, this year is almost over. Many of use made New Year’s commitments last year, only to forget them on January 2nd. It’s so easy to pick up bad habits, but incredibly hard to discipline ourselves to do what’s good for us. If we’d make our New Year’s goal to, say, drink more coffee this year, it’d be easy to do, but if we decide to cut out coffee this year, we’d likely give up.

Sometimes, though, what you need is a proverbial kick to keep you going. Joining a fitness club might get you to exercise better than just saying you’ll run 5k a day on your own. You can’t get others to motivate you to do everything, though, so you’ll need to find better ways to keep yourself going on with your lofty personal goals.

That’s where RoutineTap comes in.


Blogs are supposed to be about writing. Real, authentic, personal, heartfelt writing. The very word blog comes from the words web and log, a log of your thoughts on the web. But by and large, blogs have gotten complicated. 15 million widgets, word clouds, flashing ads, and more drive most people to just use social networks and forget the mess and confusion of blogging.

If installing WordPress on your hosting account or tweaking a Tumblr account to your liking sounds like more trouble than it’s worth just to publish your thoughts on the web, then get ready for a breath of fresh air. How about just saving plain text files with Markdown formatting to a folder in Dropbox, and having them published directly online? That’s what Calepin offers.


Good accounting practices are key to any company, whether it be a sole trader or a large, multinational corporation. It helps keep the company flowing and is vital for end-of-year figures, fiscal forecasting and resource planning. However, given the sheer range of accounting software out there, it is often difficult to choose which one to use. Large companies with plenty of money at their disposal often choose an expensive ERP system such as SAP or Infor, however smaller companies often don’t have the liberty of choice.

Web-based accounting software seems, for the time being anyway, to be the way forward for smaller companies looking to keep their books in order as well as saving money purchasing expensive, mainstream accounting solutions such as SAGE. The one I’m going to look at today is Kashflow, which is aimed towards small businesses based in the UK. There are plenty of features built in to Kashflow which make it a worthy candidate as a great accounting system for small businesses.

Let’s have a look at it in a bit more detail.


You know that sinking feeling you get, when you realize something has just disappeared from your grasp forever? That stomach twisting pain at something that cost so much money, or so much time, something that’s practically irreplaceable just disappearing into thin air. I hate that feeling.

The proliferation of digital goods in our lives is a double edged sword. While on the one hand, their simplicity, portability, and in many cases increased fidelity are all benefits to digital items, the ease with which they can also disappear can be frightening. While it may be difficult to misplace a wall shelf full of vinyl records, an MP3 library can vanish with a couple of key strokes. And while I’m not prepared to debate the pros and cons of building an analog library versus a digital one, I am here to show that this apparent fragility of digital things can be overcome.

Backing up your digital life is actually a pretty large discussion. It can encompass virtually everything you do and use with regards to computers. We’re talking everything from digital assets like photos and videos, to potentially sensitive material like work-related documents or databases, to your online assets like social media postings and email documents. That’s a lot of important data. Today I’ll be highlighting a solution to backing up one niche out of all of those things: your website, all thanks to a service called Backup Machine.


Ever since Google killed off Google Gears, users were left without any way to access their Gmail accounts without internet. Google said they were ending Gears because they wanted to focus on implementing HTML5 to get a newer, more complete, and less plugin-based system for offline email.

Even though it’s been a long time in the making, Google’s finally kept their word: the Offline Gmail app is now available for free in the Chrome Web Store. Let’s check out what it’s like!


Cross-checking credit card statements with your receipts is like checking a lottery ticket: you feel like you should do it, but it rarely bears fruit in the end. I can’t recall a single time I’ve ever been able to find a fraudulent transaction on any of my credit card statements. Likewise, I’ve never won the lottery.

And yet, you can bet your last dollar that once the end of the month rolls around I’ll be hunched over my desk, brow furrowed, crosschecking crumpled receipts with crisp bank statements, almost daring some fraudster to have scammed me. I’m already plotting my revenge in anticipation.

BillGuard, a startup having just recieved their second round of funding, aims to stop the loose-cannon cop in all of us by doing the legwork. Think anti-virus for your credit card – only bigger.


When I was in college few years ago, and even as I’m running a business today, the word accounting always makes me cringe. I’m sure there are plenty of people like me across the globe. But there is no escaping account. Lack of proper accounting might lead to audits, penalties, and more. So it’s better to bite the bullet and get those finances in order. Fortunately, there are many web apps in the market to help you with it.

Outright dramatically streamlines the work involved with running a small business by helping entrepreneurs pay the right taxes, organize their income and expenses, and keep their businesses on track. Let’s see if the app is simple enough to use for those who aren’t really good at accounting.


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