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It’s 2012, and almost everything that we work with has turned digital. However, sometimes this creates bigger problems than its worth – such as signing documents. Taking pen to paper for a couple of seconds used to be something terribly easy. This allowed you to manage and sign everything you wanted quickly and simply, though getting the document to and from the sender took far longer.

Today, you can get a form digitally sent to you in seconds, but you’ll often have to print it out, sign it, scan it, then email or perhaps fax it back. It’s far from a simple process. That’s why Adobe’s EchoSign, an effortless and pain free method to e-sign documents professionally and securely, seems so exciting. We didn’t assume it’d work great, but came away very impressed by its actual implementation. Read on to find out more!


It’s so good to see how web apps are simplifying bloated, enterprise grade software with simpler solutions and flexible pricing. They don’t charge for a ton of hardly used features and make sure there is flatter learning curve. After tackling the cumbersome project management vertical, web apps have started breaking down CRM and ERP functionality with single purpose apps.

Quote generation, help desk and sales management are important modules in a conventional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) app. Companies pay a boatload of money to deploy them and to train their employees. But, things are changing fast. I’ve been hearing good things about Stride lately and it looks like a capable sales tracking app. Let’s take it for a spin! (more…)

In my line of work, I am constantly taking notes during meetings, phone calls, and any other random time I can think about. I get a lot of information thrown at me all the time, and unless I write it down, I tend to lose it. Then, there are a lot of important things that are said and I need to make sure I document them for  later use.

I have tried many different ways to capture all of this info and have not found something that I liked. I started out with the plain paper and pen route, and although that is reliable, I wanted to use something where I could access it at any time. Besides, I type faster than I can write. I tried to use a variety of note taking applications on my Mac and iPad and found most of them just okay, and nothing that really stood out for me.

One app that I always seem to come back to is Evernote. I like that I can access it from just about anywhere and that it is integrated with other apps. So a little while back, I was searching through the Evernote Trunk to see if there were any cool, new apps to try out, and to my delight, I stumbled upon one that seemed to address my note taking needs. The app is called KustomNote and it it is a great note taking app that connects with your Evernote account, making it even better for taking quick notes.


Collaborating with one another online is pretty much a prerequisite these days for small businesses, large enterprises and the humble college assignment group. Ease of use, secure file storage and the ability to work remotely in our underwear being big advantages.

Most people’s first port of call would be Google Drive. Everyone is familiar with the company, it’s free and has years of great development behind it. Yet every few weeks a new kid shows up on the block promising better security, easier usage and a more successful business as a result.

Soonr stands right in the face of the likes of Dropbox (and even alludes to the company in their promo video) and says “I’m so much better than you”. But are they just another entrant to the screaming competition that has been going on since cloud computing became layman’s speak a few years back? What can they offer me in return for both my hard earned cash, and my abandonment of my beloved Google Drive?


Irrespective of your career, there is hardly a chance that you could escape writing documentation. Creating, editing, collaborating, or organizing info – at least one of these tasks is part of the regular workflow these days. Office 365 and Google Docs are the biggest players in the online collaboration and productivity suites, and odds are you already use one of them in your daily workflow.

From time to time, a new web app rears its head to tackle the inefficiencies in the documentation process. GroupDocs is a next generation document management solution that makes it easier for businesses to collaborate, share, and work with documents online. After the break, let us see in detail how to make the most out of it.


Web apps may be getting more popular, but that doesn’t mean they’ve fully replaced traditional apps for most of us, at least not yet. Unfortunately, the same is true for those of use that use Macs, Linux machines, or tablets: for the most part, they won’t run traditional Windows apps we’re often required to use for work, education, and more. Even on Microsoft’s upcoming Surface tablets, you’ll have to leave your old PC app behind on the ARM based variants.

Seems like the cloud should have some solution for this problem. That’s where the new Nivio service comes in. It lets you run the Windows 7 desktop right in your browser, add new desktop programs to your cloud-based Windows in seconds, and access all of your files from nDrive, whether you’re using Windows online or just need to grab a file. It turns the whole PC experience into a web app, and I love it! Read on to find out why!


Looking at and analyzing data just does not excite me like it does for some people. There is something about it that is just boring. I am not sure what it is, but it is not my cup of tea. Needless to say, in my job one of the things that I have to do is prepare charts, graphs, etc. and use them to make presentations. With that being said, I am always trying to find web apps out there that can do this for me so that I don’t have to rely on something like Excel to make this happen.

A little while ago, I was given access to try out, which lets you create graphs and charts on the web. Their whole goal is to give you, the user an easy way to create interactive infographs on the web. There were two things that immediately got me a little excited about trying out their app. One, it looked super easy to use and two, it was web based, which is always a plus in this ever changing world of cloud computing.


We here at Web.AppStorm always love a good time-tracking and invoicing app. Today we’re going to be taking a look at Harvest, one of the most popular options out there on the Net. We’ve featured it in a number of our roundups, including our 111 Web Apps to Rule Them All, and today we’re going to have a thorough look through it and its features.

Read on for our full review.


Tasks that used to take days to do can now take a few hours or even a few minutes, thanks to the internet. Even ordering a physical book or CD from Amazon feels like it takes forever now that we’re used to instant digital downloads. When there’s any delay, it can feel incredibly frustrating.

Take, for example, signing documents. This process can sometimes take what feels like forever. We get the documents ready to be signed and either the signees have to travel to sign it together, or we have to mail the documents to them and wait for them to sign and send the document back to us. Try getting documents signed internationally, and the delays (and expenses incurred) are even crazier.

HelloSign, the makers of HelloFax, an app I reviewed a little while back, aims to make this process a whole lot easier for everyone that needs to get documents signed. Technology is moving forward and they are taking advantage of it, by giving you an experience that leaves you thinking “What did I do without this?” At least that was my initial thoughts as I played around with it and started to see how this could be very useful. (more…)

Let’s be honest, powerpoint presentations just don’t cut it these days, at least in my opinion. As an educator for my full time job, I am always challenged with ways that I can engage my students in their learning. To most students, school is boring, and we need to spice it up so that they can enjoy it. Gone are the days of just throwing up a powerpoint and wowing students, customers, etc with your cool graphs or transitions. We need to move past this if we are going to captivate our audience. does exactly just this by giving you an intuitve way to create presentations that are engaging and can create communication between you and your audience. You want to engage your audience and have them conversate around the presentation so that learning can happen in a greater way. gives you, the presenter, various ways to present your material and gives your audience the opportunity to interact with you.


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