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Hardly anything in today’s economy is cheap, especially not legal help. Contracts, business agreements and other standard legal documents are mandatory to close a business transaction, but getting them drawn up is often a costly proposition.

Docracy is an online repository that offers free contracts and other legal documents, socially curated by the communities that use them. The web app is filled with legal documents from reputable, transparent sources and social proof to help you find something as close as possible to the perfect document. Not just the tax forms and stuff you can find on government sites; these documents are those you might otherwise need to pay a lawyer to make for you.

After the jump, we shall learn how to take advantage of this amazing new app!


Anyone who has to write at any length at their computer will know that it’s all too easy to get distracted. Using many modern word processors is akin to working in a cartoon with endless brightly colors buttons vying for attention, and when you add in the risk of being drawn to browsing the web in the name of “research”, it’s a wonder any words ever get written.

Writer is a distraction-free online word processor that has been designed to make it easier to focus on what you need to get down on the page. It’s like an online version of the popular Mac app WriteRoom, and might be just what you need to help you stay focused when writing online.


One of the things that I tend to spend way too much time on when I apply for a job is my resume. It seems like there are so many different schools of thought when it comes to preparing one for yourself. I have been told before that you should stick to it being one page long, and then I recently learned in a school admin course that it doesn’t matter how long it is and the more pages the better. In fact the professor, who is a superintendent of a school district, showed us his and it was five pages long! Needless to say, I am in need of updating mine, and so I decided to take a gander to see what was out on the web for me to try.

As I started to look around for ways to create one, I wanted a simple and easy way to get my information down on paper and yet have it be professional enough that I could use it in a job application. When I got the opportunity to play around with CV Maker, it seemed to meet the simplicity and ease of use factor, but was it enough for me? Let’s take a look.


The web can be a powerful place to advertise and to promote your business or yourself. There are so many different ways to advertise on the net and depending on how much you are willing to spend in time and money, you can definitely be creative with what you are trying to promote. But sometimes we don’t have the time or the finances to create something that goes viral and gets us a ton of exposure. Sometimes, we just want a simple way to let people know about our business or just to promote ourselves.

If you fall into this category, don’t fear, there are still a wide variety of ways that you can promote your business on the web without having to fork over a lot of money. One of those ways can be done using a cool web app called Onepager, where you can create your own page to promote just about anything you want to. I have been playing with it for most of the day and I have to say I was intrigued by it and I could definitely see the different possibilities for how it can be used.


The internet continues to amaze me all the time, and that is one of the reasons why I love it so much. What really gets me passionate about consistently using the web is the ability to do things in a virtual world that before wasn’t possible. Take for example the topic of collaboration. In years past, you wouldn’t dream of being able to have a company or business where the people who work at it are all in different states or countries.

A perfect example of this is Web.Appstorm, where although I have been writing for them for almost a year now, I have never met my editor or the other writers face to face. Yet, we are able to work together and produce quality content for all of you to read.

So where am I going with this? Well, the internet has given us the opportunity to have no boundaries when it comes to getting work done together. One web app to help with this, called Dispatch, has given us the ability to collaborate on documents and other things regardless of whether we work in the same building or miles a part, and all we need is an internet connection.


eBook reading apps have become very popular since the introduction of the tablet, and have transformed our devices into a personal library wherever you go. It started with the Kindle device, but since then, there’s hardly a mobile device that doesn’t come with an eBook reading app. For me, I have never seen the appeal of eBooks, and I prefer to have a physical book in my hands. However, there is a division of eBooks which have recently taken my interest — eTextbooks.

Being a student, textbooks are something which I need to carry at all times and use everyday for support in lectures and revision sessions. Carrying around tons of heavy books isn’t what I want to do. With access to the internet everywhere, eTextbooks allow me to quickly get on the web and view my specific books quick and easy.

In this article I’m going to look at the best three textbooks apps available on the web: Chegg, CourseSmart and NOOK Study. Read on to find out the possibilities with these three apps.


A freelancer’s life is nothing short of amazing. The freedom to choose what you love to do and the absolute control over your life are two major perks of being a freelancer. The flow of money is bound to be uneven, though. You might be flush some months and outright broke at times.

The key is to get a lot of paying customers at regular intervals and to do that you need to sell yourself better. Even after making a name for yourself in your niche, it’s essential that you put significant efforts to win the projects you bid for. A concise and clear cut proposal is the first vital step to achieve that.

QuoteRobot claims to help you create beautiful, winning proposals. They have a gorgeous user interface, so let us check out if the app is as good as it looks! (more…)

Cloud computing is everywhere today. It helps businesses bring down their cost significantly while optimally utilizing the available resources. We have an array of tools to help us get more productive. On the flip side we have simply too many tools in our work lives and sometimes it gets a bit difficult to manage all of them.

CloudWork says that they can rescue us from this. Do their claims hold any ground? That is exactly what we are going to find out today. (more…)

How often have you come across this scenario: You’re working in the office when someone sends you a PDF file that needs to be edited, either with your signature or anything else. But hey, there’s no PDF editor on your work machine, and your company has strict admin policies.

A web app is the best way to go around this and PDF Zen could be just what the doctor ordered. It’s got a lovely, Metro-inspired design, is extremely easy to use and features enough options for you basic PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, ODF and RTF editing needs. (more…)

SugarCRM is one of the most popular CRMs available right now, and with good reason. They offer a free, open source version (Sugar Community Edition) or tiered levels for businesses, ranging from $30 per user per month, to $60 per user per month and above.  A solid CRM is essential for many businesses and it’s incredibly important to find the best one for you and your workflow.

Let’s find out a little about what SugarCRM can mean for you and how it stacks up against others. (more…)

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