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Whether you’re a one-person freelance business, or a massive organization, one of the toughest things to keep track of is time. For many companies, that report and bill to various clients, being able to report how much time has been spent, what’s being accomplished, and what’s being worked on is a terrific feature.

Harvest is an app for just such a company, offering tools that help employees track time, invoice clients, and keep tabs on all the projects running at a given time. It’s an impressive application, and with a 30-day free trial (without even a credit card required), it’s worth a look for companies and organizations of any size.


A lot of fuss has been made about the fact that email was originally designed 40 year ago, that it no longer works in our fast paced world, and that we need a change. It’s funny — go back just a couple hundred years ago and most people would have considered a 40 year old technology to be very modern. But the twentieth century obliterated that mentality.

And now, here we are. Yes, sometimes communication is hard. Sometimes it is scattered. And sometimes it’s easier to use a tool other than email. Now Google is doing their best to fix the problem and Google Wave is their attempt to do just that. But can it change the way we communicate online?

Only time will tell, but for now we can look at the application itself and see what it’s made of. (more…)

When you go out on your own, there comes that moment where you feel a little panicked about the management of your money. With the freedom of being your own boss, there comes the full responsibility over every aspect of your business.

Having a good tool to track and visualize exactly where your money is coming and going is vital to a healthy business. Especially for those of us who have a poor track record with managing our funds. Pulse is a one such tool.


I recently wrote about 280 Slides in a round up of resources focused on presentations. It’s a newer tool, having been around for just over one year, and it’s a great alternative to desktop presentation applications. There are other tools, such as Google Docs, that give you this functionality, but none that have the same flair as 280 Slides.

Actually, you’re hard pressed to find another web application of any type that offers the same polished experience.


When it comes to being a web worker, there are a few tools that everyone needs. Email, a calendar of some sort and, if you want to get paid, a way to bill your clients. And as the functionality of the web improves, more people are turning to web based tools to meet these needs.

As for getting paid, sending invoices is not a task that is endeared by all — quite the contrary. Spend a little time with remote workers or freelancers and you’ll find that a lot of people dread this aspect of working for yourself or running your own team.

There are a few reasons why this task can be such a chore. Choosing or creating a nice looking invoice is not an easy task, nor is following up with clients who are slow to pay. The entire process of totaling costs, prepping the invoice and then communicating with the client can be extremely time consuming.

And that’s where Ballpark comes in.


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