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Wouldn’t it be nice to easily be able to collect and manage your videos and video playlists in a central location? Or easily customize video player skins with a few clicks? Embedding video players and playlists can be a little tricky, especially for those who aren’t familiar with it. VP Factory is making it drop-dead simple though, even for people who want to host videos themselves.

I’ll take a look at Video Player (VP) Factory and their offerings, as well as walk through a screencast preview of the app.


When we say the world is increasingly moving towards desktop-like applications in the cloud, is a perfect example proving just that. Although there are many great music web apps, none of them give you the capabilities and interface does.

The is consistently making improvements and enhancements, sure to make this one of the best web apps around, possibly even replacing iTunes for some. Let’s take a quick peek at what has to offer you.

Update: Added screencast preview of


We come across a boat load of images every single day. In this social age, we share images of friends, happy moments, anniversaries, karaokes, pet hamsters, etc. via email or social networking sites. However awesome or how many images there may be, the standard form of consumption is click and view. That’s too many clickety clicks everyday. Is there a fun way to share and view images?

Team Animoto says Yes. Animoto team has a very nice intro video briefing what to expect from the service. The video runs for just 60 seconds and the visuals are stunning. Let’s see if the service also lives up to the awesomeness of the intro. video.


Flickr, Picasa or SmugMug—which is best? Which one best suits your needs and your budget? What kind of professional level features do you get with each? These are questions I’ve been asking for awhile and it’s now time to compare three of the most popular photo storage and sharing services available today.

In this comparison we’ll pit Flickr, Picasa and SmugMug against each other so you can see which would best suit you.


Music streaming apps have advanced significantly in recent years, but perhaps not to the extent they should have. However, among the many available such as Pandora, and Slacker, you’re bound to find something that suites your needs and fits your taste.

Grooveshark is a little different from the above listed music streaming apps, which are more radio station type streaming apps. We’ll take a look at Grooveshark and the features it has to offer for those of you in search of a better music streaming app.


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