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Ever since college, one of the things I would do to relax and take a break was to pick up a sports or tech magazine and just enjoy the articles. I loved reading magazines and I still do, but, there is a vast different in how I read them today than I did 12 years ago in college. For one, I don’t read the paper versions anymore because I found a digital solution.

The solution I use is actually an app called Zinio. For most, average tech users, Zinio is not a household name, and that really baffles me. Till this day, I still don’t understand how this company is not taking off the way that I think they should. Let me show you why I think they are one of the best digital magazine retailers out there.


I’m a sucker for anything Adam Lisagor is commissioned to make a video for, and Small Demons is no exception. While I was originally drawn in by the internet-celebrity video endorsement, I signed up for the service and have continued to use it because of how awesome Small Demons actually is.

I can’t give too much away right here in the intro–that’s not what AppStorm pays me for–but rest assured that once you enter the Storyverse, you won’t want to leave.


There are a number of sites out there dedicated to listening to music, like Pandora and Most of these sites are either traditional radio that is played online, or they create “stations” based upon a particular artist or song. While I use Pandora on a fairly regular basis, sometimes I like to use a site that is geared towards playlists rather than stations. When that’s the case, I turn to 8tracks. This site is comprised of thousands upon thousands of user-created playlists.

When using 8tracks, you can listen to any playlist, create your own or be a part of the social aspects of the site. Read on for more information about how this site works and why it’s definitely worth checking out.


I’m always on the lookout for new music. I enjoy listening to my old favorites, but I’m rarely content to sit with the items that are already in my collection for too long. As such, I have visited plenty of websites and used plenty of applications to get sod hot new recommendations.

Invariably I end up dealing with, the service that has quietly chugged alongside other music services, content to act as a back-end tool or as a proper destination of its own. If you’ve heard of it, but never took the time to check it out, keep reading to learn more about this original online music service that you keep seeing across the web.


As we all, know social sharing is huge and is becoming more and more popular. We have sites like Pintrest and Gentlemint, which I reviewed a while back, that have grown in popularity due to people loving to share the things that they like and want others to know about. So I guess, it would be only natural that people would also want to share the music they are listening to as well.

I know there have been times when I have just wanted to share with others a song that is inspiring me for that day or a song that was stuck in my head. This Is My Jam could very well be that site that fulfills this need for me. It is kind of like what you would get if Pinterest and Ping for iTunes decided to combine one day.


Chill. Most everyone has used the word before, generally as a verb. ‘Wanna chill?’ is a fairly vague question, but there’s a general understanding that you’re going to be spending time with the people that you care about, enjoying some form of media, and sharing the experience with the people that you know.

Chill is bringing this to the web as a place for you to share and watch videos with the people that you choose to follow. There’s enough to do on the Web that requires some thought; it’s about time to chill and catch up on some videos.


More and more people are starting to move away from cable and use their computers and portable devices as means of watching television. I for one, have chosen to “cut the cord”, so to speak, and have never looked back. There are so many other cheaper alternatives out there for getting the information that I want and not having to pay as much as I would with cable.

Frequency is one of those web apps that can help fill the void of depending on cable all the time. Will it completely help me get away from cable? The short answer is no; but if you are looking for other ways to watch your media, it definitely does a good job in that area. Let me show you around to help you to see what I mean.


The Hype Machine is a music blog aggregator app that was launched in 2005. What the service does is pull streaming music from hundreds of different blogs (over 800 at the time of this writing), and compile them all in a single location for visitors to listen to, rate, and ultimately discover.

The great thing about The Hype Machine and the characteristic that keeps users coming back, is that it is always fresh, filled with new content, and has the uncanny ability to find truly great music before it ever even hits the mainstream.

If you enjoy music and like being on the edge of what’s currently popular and trending on the web, you should pop open a new tab or window in your browser and start playing with the Hype Machine immediately.


We’re coming to the end of a wonderful year and I’ve realized that I’ve read far more content online this year than any other. That being said, I’ve also accumulated long lists of articles that I haven’t gotten around to reading and I attribute this to two factors: constant distractions and trouble retrieving my articles. Between all the advertising and cluttered layouts, most websites aren’t conducive to painless reading experiences. Still, I’ve already made a New Year’s resolution to read more and broaden my horizons, and I’ve found just the thing to help me with this.

Kippt is a new bookmarking app that aims to solve the problems we face in trying to read, keep track of and share content online. While there is already a plethora of bookmarking services on the web, Kippt brings to the table a fresh approach and an up-to-date aesthetic that is easy to get used to and fall in love with for first-timers and veterans alike. But does it have enough for you to change your bookmarking and reading habits? Let’s see what it has to offer.


Music has always been a social experience. From the first live concerts being played to slapping a vinyl down onto the record player, we strive to share the music that we’ve found with others. Take this concept and combine it with the amount of conection that we get from the Internet, and you’ve got a wealth of services that would like for you to share your music through them.

Rdio is one of those services, and while we’ve taken a look at the app before, Rdio recently went free-to-play, allowing you to listen to a certain number of tracks for absolutely nothing.

Should you choose Rdio as the platform to share what you’re listening to, or finding new music? Let’s find out.


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