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Ever since I started to use the computer at a young age, I have become less a fan of writing things out. There are times when I like to write to take quick notes, but gone are the days for me to write something more than a page. I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing, but I would just rather type something if I need to; it is just faster and more efficient in my opinion. The same goes for writing letters or cards, I absolutely hate having to do them if I don’t need to. I know my wife is not a fan of the fact that I don’t like to write them as I make her do it for me sometimes.

Well, I got the chance to play around with an app called Postable, and it may have solved my problem. It gives me the opportunity to use my computer to write and create cards to send to people, so that way I won’t have to waste time writing them. Better yet, my wife will be happy that she won’t have to write my cards for me. In the end, it could be a win-win situation. It just might be what you need for Father’s day this Sunday, or other special days coming up.


Gift giving has really gotten a whole lot easier thanks to social media and online shopping. I am continually amazed at how I can just go online and find something that I want to get for someone with such ease. Not only that, but I can get it to them with decently fast shipping for not a whole lot of money.

But, if you are anything like me, you tend to wait till the last minute, and then you are scrambling to get something for someone. In that case, you’ll have go to the store and probably pay more than you would have if you’d planned ahead online.

What has been interesting as of late is how social media has played into the purchasing of products. Kickstarter launched — for many of us — the idea of many people contributing to something in order for a product to get funded. The app I have been using the past few days, called Aggregift, takes this model and applies it to gift giving. It is actually a pretty cool idea and one that I think could possibly take off. I know for me, it is a lot more meaningful if a lot of people chipped in and got me one gift that I know I can use, versus getting a handful of gifts that just sit around and collect dust. So let’s see how it works in real life.


My friend Savio has been eyeing the top-of-the-line iPad Mini ever since it was launched, and with the holidays coming up, I thought it would be a nice gift for him. Unfortunately, Christmas means having to buy presents for everyone, so the amount one can afford to spend per person tends to go down a bit. It was a disheartening thought because I know how much Savio wanted that iPad Mini.

But Savio’s a great guy and everybody loves him. You know the type? He seems to make friends anywhere he goes and because he’ll go the extra mile for you, you feel like doing more for him. Well, I decided to tap into the goodwill Savio’s earned to get him that gift he wanted.

Share A Gift is a fantastic site that is, essentially, a Kickstarter for gifts! You can invite people to contribute to a gift and collect all that money to buy that much-wanted item. Here’s how it works… (more…)

If there is one thing that mars the joy of giving a gift, it’s actually thinking one up. I don’t know about you, but personally, I always prefer asking the person for a few things he or she wants, and then picking the best out of that. That way, not only is the recipient happy with the gift they got – since it was something they wanted anyway – but I also get the satisfaction of knowing it’s something they will actually use, and not just have it lying around somewhere in the closet for eternity.

Wishmindr is a nifty little service that lets you always have an answer for the question, “So, what do you want this Christmas/birthday/anniversary?” It’s tightly integrated with online shopping sites Amazon, eBay and ShopStyle, making it much easier to pinpoint exactly what you want and share it with your family and friends. (more…)

I will be perfectly honest and say that I am not the best when it comes to buying gifts for people. I tend to not know what to buy or am too lazy to go out and shop. With Christmas coming up, I dread even going within a 100 feet of a mall if I don’t have to. I like to do all of my Christmas shopping online if I can.

Well, now there is a new way to give a gift to someone that you love or just want to surprise: Treater. It’s a web app that integrates with your Facebook account and gives you the opportunity to purchase and send gifts electronically. At first, I was a little skeptical by it, but when I tried it out it actually worked okay and I can see something like this being the future of gift giving. Let’s take a look at it.


Anyone who has ever had to search for a flight online can understand the agony that often goes into such a search. Whether it’s a lack of flights that fit your itinerary or having to search through fifty pages of results, online flight searches are often cumbersome at best. Luckily, Hipmunk was created as a way for users to have a significantly easier time searching for flights that fit their needs.

Hipmunk is an app that allows users to search for flights, much like any of the other flight search website out there. Hipmunk, however, brings a clean user interface and a very unique method of search. Read on to learn more about the ease of use that Hipmunk provides as well as what it’s good for and not so good for.


The best way to unwind after a hectic work schedule is to travel to a destination that helps you relax. Be it domestic or abroad, a change of place plays a vital role in rejuvenating both mind and body. Besides, travel and tourism help boost cultural relations and local economies too. However, at times the tedious work behind planning a vacation might make us rethink our decision.

There are tens of thousands of online outlets trying to help you find an ideal travel destination. But a major portion of these so-called travel recommendation engines tend to be just Google ads plastered spam sites.

Travellerspoint takes a different approach that’s actually useful. It claims to be one of the web’s largest and most active travel communities with members representing every country in the world. I tried to plan my vacation at Travellerspoint and came up with some interesting choices. Care to know more?


1-in-4 Adults over the age of 35 go through a midlife crisis, a period of dramatic self-doubt. It can be difficult dealing with a midlife crisis, especially coping with the repercussions.

A new web app and service seeks to help those having a midlife crisis. offers a variety of tools for, those experiencing a midlife crisis, to help them cope and handle their situation better. They offer tools for managing affairs, budgeting for impulse purchases and more.


Valentine’s day is nearly upon us and, like many, you may be short on ideas for gifts for that special someone; or maybe that special someone lives far away and shipping a physical item won’t arrive in time. You could send an e-card, or maybe send some money through Paypal, but those options just won’t do the job.

BoonSpace has you covered by combining one of the best e-card creators and sending money as a digital gift. You can show you still care with a unique and very personal e-card as well as a digital gift, in place of a physical one, that can be used to purchase whatever your special someone really wants. We’ll take a look at BoonSpace and how they can help out this Valentines.