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Imagine a warm forest where you can share things, comment, add favorites and much more. But, what kinds of things would I share? And who would I share them with? Bears and deers?

Forrst is a fantastic place for developers and designers only where you can share snapshots, links, and code snippets with colleagues or friends. Also, you will be able to ask questions publicly and receive answers from your counterparts, or perhaps from a Forrst Ranger.

The concept is pretty similar to Dribbble but you are able to share more than snaps, which gives you a brand new social experience in the web technologies environment.

We’ll take a quick peek at what Forrst has to offer.


One critical aspect of design is seeking feedback from external sources. Often times the most obvious design errors or flaws can be overlooked by the original designer. Let another skilled designer take a look at the work and well, as the saying goes, two heads are better than one.

Dribbble, which we recently reviewed, is one great outlet to seek design feedback. Concept Feedback is another contender in this niche market, which takes a different approach, potentially offering quality feedback you might not find via other sites.

We’ll take a look at Concept Feedback and offer our thoughts on what this service has to offer.


If you’re a creative and you haven’t yet heard of Dribbble, it’s a fun and unique app allowing designers, developers and other creatives to show parts of their current works with a little sports lingo mixed in. It’s also a fantastic resource for feedback and community. It’s currently invite only, so you’ll need to do a little searching to find yourself an invite.

Here’s are quick review of Dribbble, which we’ve heard many fantastic things about among the design community.


Sometimes the easiest way to explain something to someone is through a picture. However, most diagram drawing apps are either easy to use, but limited in features or full-featured, but have a steep learning curve.

Enter Creately, a full-featured diagram drawing app with a user friendly, intuitive interface. In addition to that, Creately prides itself on being the picture equivalent of a document collaboration app, allows for easy co-working and sharing of diagrams.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at Creately and examine some of its nifty features.


As a digital media author and HTML/CSS template reviewer at, I know first hand how frustrating copyright can be — especially for those who pay their bills with the works they create. It’s difficult, at best, to keep an eye out for people infringing on your works let alone attempting to do something about it. Even worse, authors can be accused of copyright infringement by those who may know nothing about it, causing serious problems for (an often innocent) author.

The solution? Well, there really isn’t any clearcut solution but the closest you’ll come to one (without hiring your own copyright lawyer) is Myows [mee-o-s]. Myows is probably the easiest and fastest solution as well. It’s a new service but none-the-less promising.

Today we’ll take a look at Myows, their site’s functionality and sexy design.


Color is so important in any type of visual media, from illustration to graphic and web design. The colors that you choose for your project make a huge difference to the mood and feel of your work, and so it’s critical to get it right.

Kuler, a web application from Adobe gives you a great user interface to experiment with different color combinations, see what works, and find the color values for the colors that you’ve created.


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