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Online games are dime a dozen and more new ones keep popping up every day. Many of them have tastefully designed artwork and eye popping graphics with a great storyline, but how can an online game that doesn’t have any of the above mentioned trifecta still be a phenomenal success? Minecraft is a game about using blocks to build anything you can imagine.

Read on to find what makes hundreds of thousands of people go gaga over this game with an arcade style design.


Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or not, there’s always a new and exciting game in development that when you hear about it, you’re eager to play. This is the case with Quake Live and while it’s not necessarily new, I think the game speaks for itself in terms of the wow factor.

Developed by one of the world’s top game developers, id Software, the pioneers of the great Quake series, comes Quake Live – a great first-person shooter game that can be played without leaving the web browser. See what I’m raving on about inside the article.


Among the many E3 announcements was OnLive’s debut, officially launching yesterday, June 17th. If you haven’t heard of OnLive, be sure to checkout our brief look at it and their pre-registration.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to OnLive’s Founding Members Beta, helping stress test their system prior to launch. All beta members had to agree to an NDA, which prevents us to discuss details of our experience during the beta. However, I’ve been able to evaluate OnLive post-launch and here’s our full review of this next generation gaming service.


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