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We’re now almost at the middle of the year, so how are you doing with those resolutions you set out to do back in January? Chances are those were left to fade away back in February, right? Well, we’ve all been there, and we can all reluctantly agree that forming a new habit is not an easy task.

That’s why today we’re going to present you a tool called Lift that can help you keep track of any new habits you’ve set for yourself, as well as keep you motivated through its great community. It’s one app you actually might get in the habit of using, and be excited you did.

When I get to take time off from being a tech enthusiast and writer there is generally one thing I want to do — be in the woods and mountains. While my wife and daughter do not share this enthusiasm, my son at least does, and we head out for single and multi-day hikes.

One service I find indispensable these days is the web resource AllTrails, an app that could be described as the Facebook of hiking, and more. Let’s take a look and see if this is what you need to get you in the great outdoors more. (more…)

I am a runner. I have been running since high school cross country and track. Back in those days we kept logs of our distance and times in a notebook, but, like all things, technology has made sweeping changes to all of that. Ten years ago, perhaps a little more, Garmin teamed up with Timex for a GPS watch that could track your runs — I spent something like $300 on one and it was cumbersome to wear, plus had spotty coverage.

Fast forward to today and things have changed dramatically — GPS watches do not require that big armband transmitter I once wore and data can be uploaded directly to fitness programs and web sites without the user needing to even lift a finger.

While there are multiple solutions to handle this, the one I have chosen to use in recent times is called Map My Run — the maker also offers similar services for bicyclists, walkers, hikers, triathletes and general fitness gurus. Registration is free, though there are premium services available for a price. All of these services also offer mobiles apps that are available for both Android and iOS as well. (more…)

In this day and age, everyone knows how hard it is to maintain a balanced diet and keep up with exercise. With fast food, donut shops, and frozen dinners tempting us at around every corner, it’s no wonder! Luckily, for those of us who’ve decided to put our foot down and put the effort into leading a healthy lifestyle, there are tools to help create a diet that provides the proper nutrition for your needs. is one such tool. Although the name implies that it’s intended for those who are trying to bulk up (and it is especially effective in that case), it’s a versatile tool that’ll work in many situations to help you plan your diet. (more…)

How many times have you come back from a shopping run with a bunch of grocery bags, only to find that you have forgot the items (again) for which you made the trip in the first place? Even when you don’t have a mom or a significant other to yell at your mistake, forgetting items after a shopping run is no less annoying.

If you plan to be a more efficient shopper in the future, try ZipList. The web app lets you create and manage your grocery shopping list, find and save your favorite recipes from across the web, get great savings and share with your entire family. Let’s go take a look.


It’s that time of year .. we all have some sort of resolution, and I’m sure there’s some statistic out there that shows the overwhelming number of folks who pledge to eat better, or diet, or cut back on sugar or some sort of food-related resolution. Striking out on your own with just the general goal of “eating better” is a treacherous route and probably not all that attainable. Maybe you’ve been a little more concrete in your resolution, pledging to cut back on processed foods, or eat more organic produce.

If that’s the situation you find yourself in, is the app for you! This app tracks your meals, but instead of focusing on the number of calories you’re taking in, it lets you focus on certain goals, a few of which are cutting back on processed foods and eating more organic produce. If you’re interested in goals for healthy eating, keep on reading.


Many of us use the web as a tool, as a form of entertainment, as a news source. Besides being connected to the internet, those three things all share one thing in common: sitting. Much of the world has grown more and more obese with each passing year, and many are pointing –rightly– at our increasingly sedentary lifestyle.

Thankfully, the same system that encouraged our slothfulness is also going to be able to drive a different, better cause: our health. One of the most complete web apps I’ve found for getting in-shape is Fitbit, an established website with an excellent offering.

Will Fitbit help you lose weight? Read on to find out.


Some of my friends love working out. They enjoy going to the gym, or running, or lifting weights. While I enjoy doing activities like playing Racquetball or Baseball, I find in order to go to the gym, I need some motivation- I need something that will help keep me to whatever fitness goal I happen to have. Skinnyo is a social network that aims to do just that.


It’s nearly 2010 and, like many, you’ve probably set one or more New Year’s resolutions. A popular resolution for millions of people each year, is to drop a few pounds and get a little more fit. Like a large percentage of people who set out to do this, going about it in the wrong way could lead to failure.

Accountability is a great way to stay on track and meet your goals. That’s where DailyBurn comes in — to help you monitor, track and meet your fitness, and even nutrition, goals. Believe me when I say, graphs can be a powerful tool for motivation and a centralized location for exercise and nutritional information can make the difference between reaching your goals or failing miserably. DailyBurn takes care of all this and offers a lot more.

Today we’ll take a look at DailyBurn’s offerings and how you can use them to reach a successful New Year’s fitness resolution and more.


Not everyone is a runner. I sure wasn’t for a good portion of my life. I love physical activity, but always preferred sports to the more boring option of simply running by myself.

But then I tried the iPod and Nike+ combo.

Now, I’m not one to blindly credit technology for improving our lives. So when I say that the Nike+ system changed my mind about running, I don’t say it lightly. But the rich visual summaries of your progress, the focus on improving as a runner and the ability to challenge and compete with others cannot be downplayed — they made me want to run more.

Which is exactly the intent of the product. (more…)