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Cross-checking credit card statements with your receipts is like checking a lottery ticket: you feel like you should do it, but it rarely bears fruit in the end. I can’t recall a single time I’ve ever been able to find a fraudulent transaction on any of my credit card statements. Likewise, I’ve never won the lottery.

And yet, you can bet your last dollar that once the end of the month rolls around I’ll be hunched over my desk, brow furrowed, crosschecking crumpled receipts with crisp bank statements, almost daring some fraudster to have scammed me. I’m already plotting my revenge in anticipation.

BillGuard, a startup having just recieved their second round of funding, aims to stop the loose-cannon cop in all of us by doing the legwork. Think anti-virus for your credit card – only bigger.


When I was in college few years ago, and even as I’m running a business today, the word accounting always makes me cringe. I’m sure there are plenty of people like me across the globe. But there is no escaping account. Lack of proper accounting might lead to audits, penalties, and more. So it’s better to bite the bullet and get those finances in order. Fortunately, there are many web apps in the market to help you with it.

Outright dramatically streamlines the work involved with running a small business by helping entrepreneurs pay the right taxes, organize their income and expenses, and keep their businesses on track. Let’s see if the app is simple enough to use for those who aren’t really good at accounting.


If you’re like me, you’ll have learnt to love the convenience of ordering products through online retailers such as Amazon. However, the almighty Amazon boasts a feature which has proven to be incredibly helpful when wanting to save items that you’d consider purchasing in the future but not at the moment – wishlists. If you don’t want to be confined to the Amazon interface and would like a solution that focuses primarily on wishlists themselves and nothing else, look no further than Whimventory.

Whimventory is a cool new alternative and it offers support for multiple online stores, password-protected lists and even allows you to share your wishlists with a single click. Like what you hear? Read on to find out more.


One of the best things about web apps is that you can run them from any computer. Many PC users wish they could run popular Mac apps in Windows, while Mac users for years wished they could run PC games on OS X. Linux users are often left in the cold entirely with commercial software. But if you’ve come across a brilliant new web app, you won’t have to worry whether or not it’ll work on your computer. All you need is a modern browser and an internet connection, and you’re ready to go.

Billings is a popular invoicing app for Macs, one that’s nice enough that I used to wish I could run it on my PC. It’s still a fully OS X app, but now, you can use a companion web app to manage your team, track time on work, and record expenses from any browser. It’s an interesting synergy that tries to balance the flexibility of web apps with the style and features of a native Mac app, while letting you host the web app yourself or use their cloud service to save you the trouble.


To freelancers, time tracking is probably the most important aspect of any project. It helps you keep track of exactly how much time you are spending on a particular project, how productive you are and, most importantly, how much you are owed when it comes to payday at the end of the month! There are many different time tracking solutions available for all platforms, however it seems that in this day and age of the Internet, an online-based solution is often more appropriate.

Why? For one, they are often cheaper than PC or Mac-based software and they have the advantage of being able to be accessed from anywhere, not just from your own computer. There is a wealth of online time tracking applications available. Today, let’s have a look at Paymo, which we just recently featured in a giveaway.

Paymo has a considerable advantage over other time tracking clients in that it is free (if you sign up to the basic account) and that there is a range of goodies that can be added onto it, assisting you even further. Let’s have a look at it in a bit more detail.


There are a few things that you have to get used to when becoming a Apple user. You get used to paying a premium for a family of products that are more fun and less frustrating. You get used to seamless integration between all of your devices. You get used to looking forward to updates, even if it’s just a minor OS update. But if you’re like me, with a limited gadget budget, you also get used to predicting Apple’s release cycle so you can make smart decisions about buying a product or waiting for the new one. is a site that does this — not only for Apple products but for all kinds of gadgets from laptops to cameras, TVs, and phones. This web app aims to eliminate buyer’s remorse by making sure that you know how to get the best deal on updated or price-reduced gadgetry.


Efficient accounting is the backbone of any successful business – only when money is flowing in and out of the system smoothly can you rest assured that your hard work is actually paying off. A large part of this is invoicing, which typically refers to sending estimates and quotes, billing clients and customers and keeping track of their approval/payment status. Whether you’re a freelancer, small business owner or CFO of a large enterprise, you need your company’s billing and book-keeping mechanisms to work well and that’s why it’s important to choose an invoicing system carefully.

There are a number of invoicing apps available online, with different feature sets and price points. TradeShift takes a different approach and aims to bring together your business network and invoicing all in one place, while offering options for customization and expansion of features. It’s also completely free. Sound like something you’d be interested in? Let’s sign up and find out.


Invoices are used all of the time by various organisation types. From freelancers to large businesses, a lot of people rely on the need to present a total cost for their services in a standard document form. There are quite a few web apps that make this task so much simpler by providing an online interface to both create and manage these. However, if funds get low and you can’t afford to fork out monthly for access to your favourite invoice app, there are plenty of solutions to solve this predicament.

One of these is Pancake. You pay once, install on your own server and can use the app without limits to your heart’s content. Read on to find out more about this powerful new contender in the invoicing field.


If there’s one thing that everyone, office workers and freelancers alike, dread, it’s tax time. No one likes parting with their hard earned money, but worst of all, you’ve got to have your finances organized too. That can be worse than writing a check to the government.

It’s not uncommon to struggle with keeping up with your finances, especially if you’re working multiple jobs or doing freelance work on the side. You need an easy way to keep up with everything without costing you more precious time. Problem is, most accounting apps are rather pricey, even more so if you need to do more than standard personal finance tracking.

That’s why I was excited to hear about FlowTorch on our Envato Notes blog. FlowTorch is a new free finance management app made by someone who was tired of expensive finance apps or apps that bombard you with offers from banks. So, he set out to make a simple and free finance app using tons of resources from the Envato Marketplaces.

Intrest piqued yet? Keep reading to see if this tool has what you need to make accounting a little less trying.


Being a student, I know that budgeting prudently and knowing exactly how much you’ve got in my accounts is very important. There’s nothing worse than logging on to your online banking and realising that all those “little transactions” you made a few days ago have put a big dent in your balance.

There is a enormous range of personal finance software out there and every single platform, whether it be desktop or mobile, has a mind-boggling array of options. However, I find that many of these programs come with unnecessary features that the average user doesn’t need.

Of course, these features come at a price, and with many personal finance programs you are paying for features that you will never end up using. I, like probably a lot of people, just want a program that shows me what I’m spending my money on.

This is where The Birdy kicks in. It’s a simple, lightweight, web-based personal finance tracker which helps you keep track of your daily spending, showing you exactly where and what you are spending your hard-earned pennies on. The icing on the cake is that The Birdy is completely free, with no signup or subscription fees to pay.

This all sounds brilliant, doesn’t it? Let’s take a closer look at The Birdy and its features.


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