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As a business owner, keeping track of your invoices and reminding customers when payment is due can be an extremely laborious and even embarrassing chore. However, it is a chore that needs to be done, because no payments means no cash coming into your business, which is not exactly ideal, to say the least.

Although most accounting programs will remind you when an invoice is due for payment, they don’t actually take care of the entire reminding and collections process. This is where ZenCash comes in. Not only will it integrate with your existing accounting program and synchronize all the data on outstanding invoices, but it also takes care of the collections process quickly and efficiently, so you won’t even have to lift a finger.

Let’s look at it in a bit more detail.

There are so many invoicing apps floating around. It would be absolutely fabulous if people only have to create invoices and get paid all the time. But things are more complicated than that. To start with, you will need to find a viable lead and convince him/her that your prices are actually quite affordable.

Ideally, the process of closing a deal starts with a well documented quote. Pricetag is a web app for creating, quotes, RFP, proposals and bid pricing documents. It’s easy to use, with an intuitive interface and a healthy dose of customizability. Let’s check it out and see if it’s the quotes and proposals app you need.


PayPal, the original standard for online financial transactions, is still an important part of most of our lives. If you do any work over the internet, from working on a contract for a remote company to designing a website for someone in your own town, chances are you’ll need to send and receive money using PayPal. For the most part, it works great, and even if its website leaves much to be desired, it gets its job done, everyone gets paid, and life goes on.

But then, today I discovered a reason you might want to use PayPal’s website a bit more than for just moving your money around. PayPal’s annoying pre-load ad screen showed me an ad today for PayPal Invoices, a free tool for creating invoices right inside PayPal. Even though I’d already used PayPal for years, I had no idea you could create invoices right inside it. Since you’ll likely need a PayPal account to accept online invoice payments anyhow, it just might be the perfect solution if you’ve been looking for a free online invoice tool.


This time last year, I discovered an unknown web application for time tracking, invoicing and accounting named CronSync. My original review, which can be found here, was a positive one scoring an impressive 9/10.

Unlike some apps however, CronSync hasn’t been lying idle for the past twelve months. The team, based in Germany, has been hard at work upgrading and adding new features. For the past twelve months, I’ve watched CronSync slowly get better and better, and over the last two months several fantastic updates have convinced me that a second review was necessary.

If run a business, hate doing the books and are fed up with Excel, read on.


Finances and dealing with money has been something that I have always enjoyed doing, not for work, but in general. I am always looking for better ways to save money and now with our first child, even more so, do we have to money conscious.

That is why I got really excited when I came across SmartyPig. It is a web application that helps you with your savings goals and gives you the opportunity to create and save for them. Sounds simple, but there is much more to it than just that, so let me show you around the app.


Any time you watch the news, you will find that most of the time, the main topics are related somehow to money. It has been around for centuries, but yet we still can’t seem to figure it out. Money can be a great thing, but yet so destructive as well.

One web app has come out recently that piqued my interest because it looked like it paid attention to the details when it comes to money. Budgetable, which is currently in beta, takes looking at your spending differently than some other apps that do similar functions, like Mint. Instead of just looking at your transactions and categories of spending, you get a more in depth look at your money and how it is affecting your savings.


Being a freelancer, I’ve tried many applications to help me produce effective and professional invoices for my clients. I’ve experimented with everything from Microsoft Word to other applications on Mac OS X and iOS. Recently, I have come across Billable, a web-based application for invoicing clients.

Billable allows you to easily create beautiful and professional looking invoices without leaving your web browser. While this application may not have all of the customization features that sophisticated users may want, it is definitely a great choice for the general user. Below, I have crafted my full review of and my thoughts on whether you should give it a try!


Anyone doing business with clients should be familiar with the dreaded invoice. Though they signify that you’re going to be paid at some point in the near future, something you would think would be a a good thing, if you have to deal with quite a few of them on a regular basis, you begin to see them in a very different light. I have no quibbles with invoices, per se, but I must admit that they can be a major headache to compile.

Luckily, we’re in 2012. With web apps proving to be going as strong as ever, this annoying task of creating invoices is made ever-so-bearable through dedicated web apps. One such app is Invoicebus.


Centuries ago, you might have traded a load of wood for some grain you needed. Paper money and coins solved that hassle, and for years, receiving payments was as simple as exchanging money. Then, credit cards came, and messed it all up again. Now it was expensive and difficult to get started accepting payments for your business.

Square has been working to make credit card payments even simpler than paying with cash. I recently had a chance to play with Square’s new iPad app Square Register, which promised to provide a more POS-like experience on the iPad than the original app had. I even wrote a review of the app, within which I mentioned the new and improved web interface. But since writing that review, I’ve spent more time playing around with the web app, and I’ve realized that it’s a fully featured beast of it’s own.

If you’re not familiar with Square, check out our sister site iPad.AppStorm’s in-depth review of it. Basically, signing up for a free account gets you a free card reader that will interface with your iPhone or iPad (or even Android device) via the headphone jack. It lets you take credit card payments through these devices and have the funds processed and deposited into a bank account, which is especially handy for small businesses as well as on-site contractors, booth vendors, or other similar enterprises.

Today, though, I’ve decided to walk you through the new Square web app, and talk about how the Square service is now more viable than ever as a financial solution for your small business. So run and get some coffee, and that “more” button will be waiting for you when you get back.


Anyone who has ever had to search for a flight online can understand the agony that often goes into such a search. Whether it’s a lack of flights that fit your itinerary or having to search through fifty pages of results, online flight searches are often cumbersome at best. Luckily, Hipmunk was created as a way for users to have a significantly easier time searching for flights that fit their needs.

Hipmunk is an app that allows users to search for flights, much like any of the other flight search website out there. Hipmunk, however, brings a clean user interface and a very unique method of search. Read on to learn more about the ease of use that Hipmunk provides as well as what it’s good for and not so good for.


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