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Today’s communication between customers and businesses rely heavily on email, which also happens to be something not commonly associated with customer satisfaction and feedback. Sure, big companies have some sort of customer feedback system via email, but it’s usually in regards to support provided over the phone, in person or via live chat.

Nicereply seeks to make it easy for anyone to obtain customer satisfaction and feedback directly regarding email communication, which is something I’ve found many companies to seriously lack in the quality department. Let’s take a look at Nicereply and how it can help you or your business.


Email communication has not changed much in the past decade, but the amount of email we get daily has grown exponentially. Be it relevant communication or spam, the sheer volume of emails received impacts our email productivity. Inboxes are inundated with too many newsletters, product updates and countless other services that send emails adding tremendous noise to the conversation stream.

OtherInbox comes as a cure for email overload. The Otherinbox team has not reinvented the email infrastructure, but has created a web app that acts as a workaround for common email painpoints. In this review, we’ll take a look at how OtherInbox solves email overload by using multiple email addresses.


The current version of AwayFind is an interesting and incredibly helpful idea. It was developed to help you get control of email by only notifying you of urgent messages, and thus the freedom to deal with the rest when you wanted. However, it isn’t just limited to this. It is capable of many more creative uses as well.

For some, email can be a swamp of spam, forwards or unimportant information or notifications. This can be time consuming and frustrating. AwayFind provides a solution to alleviate this (or other) problem(s).

Let’s take a quick look at what AwayFind has to offer.


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