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Consumer affairs can be messy, and can make or break an organization. Customers always feel they are right, while on the other hand on the other hand, company representatives, hiding behind the corporate structure, often have a pompous attitude and feel that one customer isn’t going to make a huge difference. Or, at least that’s what they thought until the rise of social media.

In today’s world, one angry customer is all that it takes to destroy years of carefully built brand image. We’ve witnessed several Twitter mobs in recent years vandalizing a company’s image for no reason, with people mindlessly retweeting things they’ve heard without even trying to see if it’s true. Due to these repeated encounters, companies started started taking aggressive measures against anything that put them in bad light. But, sadly, many genuine complaints get lost in this huge mess of online name-calling and coverup, and it doesn’t make things any better for anyone.

This is where Gripevine comes in.


When you’re launching a new product/service or announcing a new offer, it’s important to give customers the information they need to close the loop – and it doesn’t hurt to look good while doing so. That’s where landing pages come in – by definition, they’re attractive, concise, to the point and present customers with a way to opt in to whatever it you’re selling. So how do you create an absolute deal-clincher of a landing page?

Lander might be a good place to start. The app allows you to build landing pages using a simple interface with powerful features, publish them and analyze your conversions as they happen. Could this be the new secret weapon in your arsenal of marketing tools? Let’s put a page together and find out. (more…)

Customer support is far from the easiest job. If you create a product that’s successful at all, you’ll need to respond to your customers’ emails about your product. They’ll write with complaints and complements, feature ideas and bug reports, and you’ll need to keep on top of them and rapidly respond to make sure your customers know you’re actively supporting your product.

HappyFox is a nice web app designed to make supporting your customers simpler than ever. There’s tons of support web apps, each of them with their own take on how you should do support. Let’s take a look and see if HappyFox has the combination of features that your team needs to support your customers.


Customer support is a core part of business, and good customer support can be a fundamental way to keep customers loyal. Take a company like Apple, for instance. Their customer service is chiefly thought of to be top notch, and for many, that alone can justify higher prices and keep customers returning to buy more. Technical support usually has never really had a good image, to the point that it’s mocked on national TV and being a frustration to many.

Of course, you don’t want that image reflected in your own business. With so many companies doing tech support wrong, doing it right can be a big selling point for your company and can make you stand apart from your competitors. It might be time to find a good customer support system, and Ticksy might just be that. Ticksy is a bloat-free customer support managed that even features integration without our very own Envato marketplaces. Even the smallest personal business needs to handle customer support, so lets take a look and see how Ticksy fits the bill.


Most of our business decisions, it seems, are made in our inboxes. We research the best tools for our job, contact customers, discuss plans with coworkers, and more, all via email. Many of us use old emails for references, too, and I find myself searching through Sparrow for old emails with important information all the time. Often the emails I’m looking for contains info that would be important to my whole team, such as information about our upcoming plans or perhaps credentials for an app we use.

GrexIt is a solution that lets you unlock the emails in your account and share them with your whole team. Everyone on your team can send the important emails that the whole company needs to know about to the GrexIt repository, where they can easily be ready by anyone on the team, anytime. It’s an interesting solution for making email more social for businesses.


Any business looking to ensure that they offer a good customer service to their consumers is going to want some way of providing help to their users online. In today’s competitive market, being the best is crucial and if your customers think that you’re going to do your best at making sure their issues are rectified, there’s no doubt you’ll probably get repeat business. There are plenty of high-quality support ticket apps out there, but these can often come with a matching price tag. Luckily, there are some free options, too.

The app I’ll be looking at today is Trellis Desk and it certainly fits within the free and high quality category. All you need is a web server to install it on with some basic requirements and you’re away!


Way back in 1989, when the idea of using computers to manage customer relationships was still in its infancy, a guy by the name of John Ferrara founded Goldmine Software which would spend the next decade pioneering CRM software solutions. In 1999 he sold Goldmine to a South African firm. But that wasn’t the end of John. He’s back with Nimble, a CRM web app for today’s world where social media is king.

Nimble promises to integrate a salesperson’s efforts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, email, and a plethora of other avenues one might use today to keep in touch with their customers. Keeping your existing customers happy is increasingly important, since, according to some, it can cost fourteen times as much to get a new customer as it does to retain an existing one. Anything to help you keep in touch with your existing customers and network is a plus, so let’s check Nimble out and see if it really can.


Every good website administrator wants their users to love their website as much as they do. It’s for this reason that a lot of site owners invest a fair bit of money into tools that do this job for them and get responses from the users on their experience using the website. These apps generally come with a limited variety of features and over-complicate certain aspects that should be a lot simpler.

UserReport is different. It’s free and offers a comprehensive range of features to get this job done. Read on to find out more about this exciting app!


The Internet has continued to make it easier for us to keep in touch with friends, hold virtual meetings, and even telecommute to work. It’s almost as if, for the tech savvy, at least, distance is no object when it comes to accomplishing tasks and getting work done. There are a multitude of tools to assist with the aforementioned tasks: Skype gives you the power to have audio and/or video conversations with people some distance away. iChat even supports screen sharing for when you need to get your point across that way.

But what if you want to share your screen, but your target partner doesn’t use iChat, or whatever other solution you use? What if your partner isn’t even on the same platform as you? Today, I’m going to take a look at Screenleap, a web app designed to let you share your screen with essentially anyone, in no more than one single step. How does it work? Hit the jump to read on.

One of the great things about the internet is that it’s creating new ways for us to express ourselves. From social networks to blogs, videos, presentations and streaming services, there’s something for every personal and professional need. And it’s becoming increasingly easy to share our feelings, thoughts and ideas. Now, there’s a new app in town that wants to bring all these forms together – and it’s called Tumblecloud.

Tumblecloud allows you to tell your stories using text, photos, videos and audio. And you don’t have to rely on your own media files alone – you can find and use assets shared by members of the community and create something compelling, be it a story about your recent travels, an engaging product presentation, an enhanced photo slideshow, coverage of a milestone like a birthday or anniversary, or a multimedia blog post.


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