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It’s 2010 and it’s time to get things done! Okay, 2010 or not, many of us are always looking for a better way to manage our tasks, events and goals. The truth of task management is that there’s no single best way to tackle it for everyone. It will depend on your style of management, your interaction preferences and how the solution integrates into your current workflow.

Personally I couldn’t seem to stick with any Get Things Done (GTD) or task management apps, until I remembered I hadn’t really given Google Calendar a fair shake. After getting it setup and familiarizing myself with it, it was a solution that actually worked for me and I’ve stuck with it. It’s free, it’s flexible and it integrates well with my current workflow.

Today I’ll go through using Google Calendar to manage your schedule and get things done.


When word hit the street that popular virtual assistant service I Want Sandy was shutting down, many people were shocked and well, saddened. Sandy was a well built application with a nice dash of personality.

And so many people were left looking for a replacement — another web based application that could offer similar functionality. After I was introduced to Task.FM, I believe I’ve found the tool that comes closest to the mark.


Right off the top, this post is not a need for many of you. For most broadband users, the amount of data you use month by month is not a concern. Until I moved to a more rural location, that was the case for me.

But for those who are like me — living in a location without broadband access — data transfer can be an issue. I’d like to take a look at three ways to make the best of the situation.


The last two weeks have been a frenzy of hectic activity at the Bowler household. When a family of six (two adults, three children and one dog) change residences, chaos will ensue. You do your best to make it an organized chaos, but it’s chaos nonetheless.

And although I count myself blessed to work from myself from home, there were many moments in the past two weeks where I sat down at the computer, blankly looked at the screen and thought, “Where do I even start?” Lucky for me, I had been planning to take a look at focus booster and see what it was about.

Thankfully, it turned out to be quite an aid.


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