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With my job and a passion for tech, I have a home computer, work laptop, iPhone, iPad, and am often at a variety of other computers throughout the week. With so much bouncing around, I realized that I needed two things readily accessible on any device that I was on, that being my Internet passwords and bookmarks.

The beauty of the web is that I can access it from just about any computer. In the case of this post I am mainly focusing on bookmarks, usernames, and passwords. I use the web so much each and every day that I need a quick and easy way to access vital information regardless of the computer that I am on. Because of this, I turn to Xmarks for my bookmarks and LastPass for remembering my usernames and passwords. If you have never heard of these two web gems, you are going to want to read further to see how these two web apps can help you easily access what you need, when you need it.


A Global Village. There has never been a time when that adage was so true. Thanks to Internet, there are no boundaries anymore, well, almost. From communication to commerce everything happens in English. While people could just learn English, to reach more eyeballs, localization is the key. Translation services are available aplenty, including Google’s fabulous free option.

But translation is one among a few steps you will have to conquer before going truly local globally. Smartling ensures that the best ideas are not locked up for English speakers alone. The service aspires to let everyone find, read and share their ideas online, in their preferred language. Shall we go ahead and figure out how it gets things done?


Do you always get straight answers or detailed explanation about your illness from your doctor? I didn’t think so. Medical professionals usually don’t have the time or interest to spoon feed common folk on complex medical terminologies. Even when they do, it might not be easy to wrap our brains around.

Then there are tens of thousands of medical studies that are released for public consumption. Even if you are interested, going through hundreds of pages of medical jargon isn’t going to be a productive exercise. Medify’s goal is to help you and your family more easily navigate, stay current, and manage the often complex process of finding answers, while empowering you to get help from those you trust most. Time to learn how to mine the data to our benefit.


Videocasts can be a fun addition to any website, giving people a glimpse of what you’re like in front of the camera and promoting some face-to-eyes interaction. There are many different services to host your videos with, but today I’m going to show you how to get started with just one: Vimeo.

We’ll take a look at some of the basic features of Vimeo and also explore the added benefits of paying for a Vimeo Plus account. Let’s get started!


Planning makes life easy. In fact, a  lot of us plan things ahead using the best technique we know or works for us. So planning isn’t the problem. General laziness and short attention spans are some some of few reasons things that were planned in advance do not get done. But it is an undeniable fact that we move forward at least a bit more with a plan, than when we don’t have one in the first place.

There’s no dearth of apps and techniques to plan things in advance. One among them is MoreDays that plans to mesmerize with the sheer beauty of the web app. Moredays is a completely new way of planning and recording life that cross the borders of standard planning and turns paper calendar into an electronic/digital calendar. Time to take it for a spin!


We get to experience moments of joy, sorrow, and success multiple times in our life. Most of them are recorded as photos, videos, or written words to cherish them forever. But how coherent are they? Nine times out of ten, there isn’t a common thread connecting all your memories together. Photos are awesome but they don’t say it all. You create an online journal, but it’s too much of a chore.

Sometimes it’s not enough to just capture important moments in life, but also present them all in a meaningful way. Timelines are the easy way out. A timeline puts things into perspective and give you a bigger and better picture of what went down (in some cases, what’s going to come). timekiwi helps people to create digital timelines. Time to take it for a spin!


Data and vendor lock in is one of the few things that are holding back a lot of people from jumping the cloud bandwagon. When you are running a native enterprise app from behind your own firewall, there are so many ways to export or backup all your data. In fact, that is one of the major selling points of enterprise software behemoths who are running for covers since the cloud onslaught.

To a large extent, this is actually true. For any reason, if Google bumps me off my personal Gmail or Google Apps account, I’m done for good. Apps like Backupify are a ray of hope and now ShuttleCloud is a new tool that can help you keep your data safe by switching it to a new web app account. After the break, I’m going to take you through the steps to help facilitate a smooth migration of your data.


We don’t live on a single site or write on a single blogging platform any more. Instead, more and more of us are opting to use a range of social networks and services. We post photos to Flickr, blog in WordPress, update our status on Twitter and Facebook, bookmark with, share items in Google Reader, checkin with Gowalla, and more.

It can be a pain to update them all consistently, and even more frustrating to pull all of your online data together. In an effort to remedy this problem, many people spend their time putting together a site and embedding various widgets from each site, but that can take considerable amounts of time and can even be expensive depending on how you do it.

Pubwich is an open-source web application that does that job for you, bring together multiple services into one self-hosted webpage, much like the scenario I previously explained. Just a head’s up though – before we get into the review – that this is not a web application per se because it will require you to find a hosting solution yourself. Once you do, though, you’ll be up and running in no time.


If you are using the Internet, there is absolutely no chance you aren’t using cloud storage. Knowingly or unknowingly, your data is stored in a remote server waiting to be accessed from any device you choose to use. And if you are someone like me, you likely use a whole bunch of cloud services to do one thing or the other. From invoicing, email to getting things done and composing this very article, I depend on the cloud for a huge portion of my computing life.

It’s a conscious choice, and over the couple of years I have willfully reduced my dependency on local storage. Over the course of the day, I have to open and close a lot of apps to get work done. I’d would love to avoid that. Otixo is a web app that creates a centralized place to access all files stored in the cloud across all of your storage services, letting you move files seamlessly between, say, Google Docs and Dropbox. That sounds like an app that most of us could use today, with a growing number of files saved on dozens of apps across the web.


For most of us, a large chunk of emails received are usually automated and unimportant stuff like notifications, newsletters, bills, mailing lists, registrations, event invites and the like. Even when you set up multiple filters to move them into their respective folders skipping the inbox, you will still end up getting the same (and new) automated mailers. In fact, services employ people who specialize in making sure that emails land in your inbox rather than a spam folder.

It’s a good sign that a horde of startups are working to address the problem of email overload. A lot of new tricks are being tried out like converting emails to tasks, make reading emails a game and so on. While they offer a partial fix, a fool proof solution is yet to come to market. ZeroMail is a web app that strives to remove clutter from your inbox. It’s time to learn how to put the app to use.


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