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It’s hard enough to run a fundraiser and convince people to give to your cause. The last thing that should be difficult is receiving the money once people decide to contribute. Recently, I needed to raise money for a fundraiser and was looking for a tool to be able to do this easily. After searching through various big sites such as JustGiving, I realized that there weren’t many ways to raise funds online for personal projects.

PayPal was the only place that kept coming up as a simple way to raise donations. Well known as the most popular way to send funds online, PayPal is something many of us use regurally in work already. It’s not 100% straightforward to set it up for receiving donations, but it’s not too hard either. So whether you’re raising funds for your school or perhaps for Movember, here’s what you’ll need to do to accept donations via PayPal.


Enterprise software were never fun to use. For years, in the name of “professional looking”, a boring user interface was listed as most enterprise software’s major USP, it seemed. Microsoft Outlook remained as the path breaking collaboration (!) tool for decades. It ruled the roost until the another equally legendary social collaboration tool, Sharepoint, arrived. Slowly, very slowly, companies are embracing SaaS apps, but they are often not much better.

Everytime I use a leading project management and collaboration web app, I can’t fathom why such a clunky tool is used by millions. Naturally, I was skeptical when I heard about WorkSimple, which claims to be a social enterprise platform. To learn if WorkSimple wiped the doubtful smirk off my face or not, hit jump.


Running a service business? Then you might understand the need for a robust appointment scheduling solution. Appointments, if mishandled, will end up making the customer furious and lead to under utilization of your resources. In both cases, there s a very good chance that your bottomline gets hurt.

Deploying an online appointment scheduling app will benefit both you and your customers. Coconut Calendar is one such web app that works to maximize your schedule with the least amount of downtime. After the break, let us go over the steps to create an effective appointment booking setup.


Data and vendor lock in is one of the few things that are holding back a lot of people from jumping the cloud bandwagon. When you are running a native enterprise app from behind your own firewall, there are so many ways to export or backup all your data. In fact, that is one of the major selling points of enterprise software behemoths who are running for covers since the cloud onslaught.

To a large extent, this is actually true. For any reason, if Google bumps me off my personal Gmail or Google Apps account, I’m done for good. Apps like Backupify are a ray of hope and now ShuttleCloud is a new tool that can help you keep your data safe by switching it to a new web app account. After the break, I’m going to take you through the steps to help facilitate a smooth migration of your data.


If you are using the Internet, there is absolutely no chance you aren’t using cloud storage. Knowingly or unknowingly, your data is stored in a remote server waiting to be accessed from any device you choose to use. And if you are someone like me, you likely use a whole bunch of cloud services to do one thing or the other. From invoicing, email to getting things done and composing this very article, I depend on the cloud for a huge portion of my computing life.

It’s a conscious choice, and over the couple of years I have willfully reduced my dependency on local storage. Over the course of the day, I have to open and close a lot of apps to get work done. I’d would love to avoid that. Otixo is a web app that creates a centralized place to access all files stored in the cloud across all of your storage services, letting you move files seamlessly between, say, Google Docs and Dropbox. That sounds like an app that most of us could use today, with a growing number of files saved on dozens of apps across the web.


Webconferencing is one of the most vital, but less celebrated innovations of the broadband era. The technology in its full glory is mostly used in enterprises, and the mainstream population has become accustomed to basic video chat built into Skype, Gtalk, Google+, and even Facebook today. Yet, if you’re looking for an enterprise solution, there are so many solutions to choose from, ranging from companies like Cisco and Microsoft to no-name startups.

Even with big names backing up their product, there hardly is a web conference that doesn’t get interrupted. Either the bandwidth or the voice support fails its users, frustrating them to no end. Then there are issues with incompatible plugins and cluttered user interfaces. LiveMinutes claims to be a webconferencing app that isn’t boring, and works to streamline your meetings. Let’s go check it out.


As a customer, quotes don’t mean much to us. They are just pieces of paper filled with a list of items and the best prices a business can offer us. However, on the other end of the spectrum, quotes and leads are the bread and butter of almost every business. In a competitive world, price quotations help win customers without spending a whole lot on customer acquisition.

There are tons of enterprise software available for generating comprehensive price quotes, and they are often included as modules in modern CRM and ERP software. But like every other domain that uses software, quote creation apps are available online too. Socket is an easy to use, online quote creation app that promises to make your life easier by automating your quotation process. Interested to know how?


Those who have searched for a job will know how tough it is to get the right one, if you can find one at all. You will have to be able to market yourself to the prospective employer, and customizing your skills and appealing to different corporate environments can be grueling at best. But even before you can get a face time with the bossman, there is a major hurdle you will have to get across – creating a resume.

Resumes get you a seat at the table, and are your first chance to make an impression on a potential employer (or at least their HR department). It isn’t a breeze to create a decent looking one, though, let alone an impressive one. There will always be a vital detail that has gone missing or hasn’t been highlighted prominently, and it’s so easy for your resume to look like just another plain vanilla piece of paper.

Resumebaking is a web app that promises to create you a winning resume. It’s time to check that claim for ourselves. Ready to brush up your resume? Follow along and see if Resumebaking can simplify the task.


Even though email is as old as the Internet itself, people still haven’t come to terms with it. People complained about over flowing inboxes last decade, they are complaining in this decade and in all probability they will be complaining about it in the next decade too. And still, there hasn’t been a viable alternative that could replace email.

The unbelievable simplicity of sending and receiving an email is what makes the technology stand the test of time. Startups often try to make email fun and less cumbersome. One such wonderful app is ccLoop and after the break, let us get to know how it can help you put email to better use.


Welcome to The Cloud. You’ll hear that just about everywhere these days. One of the biggest software categories to make the move to the Web is document-based productivity tools. The unquestioned leader in that realm is Google Docs, which lets you create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

But to truly qualify as “desktop replacement” software, you’re going to need to be able to do everything that you can with your current editor of choice. Today we’re going to take a look at a common need from a spreadsheet program – chart creation.


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