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Thanks to the advancement of technology, nearly everyone these days is walking around with a camera – whether via phone, point & shoot, DSLR or other. Creating and sharing memories is nearly as old as the human species. With today’s advancing web technologies, storing, sharing and managing your photos has never been easier.

As a photography hobbyist I’m always interested in discovering new and better ways to store and share my photos. Personally, I’m a SmugMug, Flickr and Facebook user but what about you?

Earlier today we took a look at PicsEngine, a relatively new and simple web app for your photos. After reviewing the app I realized it’s quite difficult for new comers to this area of web apps to compete with more feature rich and developed apps like Flickr, Picasa and SmugMug. What do you think?

I’d love to hear what web apps you use to store, share or manage your photos. If your app of choice isn’t on the list, be sure to let us know in the comments so we can take a look. Thanks!

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Browser-based games certainly don’t rival console or computer games, either in capabilities or the number of people playing them, but they’re certainly growing in popularity. Facebook has likely had a big role in the uptake of browser-based games thanks to several immensely popular titles that have even made their way onto mobile platforms like the iPhone and iPad. was initially described as being browser-based gaming, though now the mention of “browser” seems to have disappeared. However, it’s still a revolutionary new way to play online games though a browser-like interface. It’s one service that could keep me from ever buying another console or regular desktop game again, once it develops enough of course.

I’m interested in finding out how many of our readers frequently play browser-based games, only occasionally, or maybe not at all. If you do play browser-based games such as the ones on Facebook, through OnLive or even ones we’ve previously mentioned before, let us know in the comments. Thanks!

We’re kicking off a new weekly poll today, getting our readers opinion on a different topic each week. Hopefully this will give us all a chance to talk about a relevant issue, share our thoughts, and generally have a chat in the comments!

Task management has been a popular and reoccurring topic on Web.AppStorm and rightly so. It’s a topic we all deal with daily, yet we all approach and handle differently. Today’s powerful web apps make task management a breeze, even fun sometimes.

I’m always trying to get others to make the switch from paper-based task management to a web app, yet you’ll still find a stack of sticky notes, at the ready, on my desk. So we’d like to know, how do you manage your tasks? One of the plethora of amazing web apps available? The tried and true paper method? Or maybe you’re just so darn smart you can do it all in your head?

What’s your preferred method? If a web app, which one? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks!

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