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Your team has dreamed up a great app, and worked day and night to get it released. Launch day came, and it was a total success. There’s only one problem: everyone’s sending you bug reports, and you don’t know how to keep track of them. You’ve got new features you want to add in the next version, and issues to fix, and your team needs to keep track of them and discuss the best ways to fix them.

Sounds like your team needs Sifter, our sponsor this week.

With its brand-new Github integration, Sifter is designed to help you track bugs and follow up on them the way you’re already used to working. It gives you a clean dashboard where you can easily see the issues in each of your projects, and filtering tools to find the most important things to work on. You can discuss bugs and find solutions with your whole team, get notified by email when anything’s added — or just get a summary email at the end of the day, and can even add issues via email. It’s got everything you need to track — and fix — all the issues in your app, with brilliant customer support to help you out if you get stuck.

Sifter — The Workflow to Help You Fight Bugs

Sifter — The Bugtracker You Need

Best of all, the Sifter team keeps adding features that make it an even better tool for your team. You can look over their Changelog to see all the features and improvements they’ve added — from the aforementioned Github integration to a new file uploader, UI improvements, better HTML email notifications, and more — since we originally reviewed Sifter.

It’s one of the best ways to track bugs in your apps, and if your team has been looking for a way to keep track of everything you need to fix, you should definitely give Sifter a try.

Get Your Team on Sifter This Week!

No matter how many projects and apps your team is working on, Sifter can help you keep track of bugs and help you push your projects forward. Give Sifter a try this week with a free 14-day trial, then get the plan that works best for your team starting at $29/month for up to 10 active projects. You’ll get all of Sifter’s great features, no matter which plan you choose, so you can worry about fixing your bugs instead of fixing your bug tracking app.

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Right at the end of 2011, when everyone was gearing up for New Year celebrations, I looked at Lightspeed, a Mac-based POS (point-of-sale) designed for large retail businesses. It’s a mighty impressive piece of software but at over a grand for a single user licence (they start at $1,098 each — and that’s without the POS hardware!), it’s certainly not a cheap piece of kit.

However, since then, some major transformations have gone on within Lightspeed Retail, the developers. A few days ago, they acquired MerchantOS (a former rival company) and merged the two products into a new one called LightSpeed Cloud. Unlike the former product, which was confined to a single Mac, the new version now allows users to access their retail data from whatever device they are using — a real boom for retail businesses who use devices such as tablets and mobile phones in their day-to-day life.


Our friends at Quote Roller are running a giveaway this week that you might be interested in: they’re giving away two iPad Minis, one to their existing users and another to new users who try out their app this week. Quote Roller was designed to help you be productive, no matter where you are, and they have a brand-new iOS app update coming this summer that’ll make it an even better on-the-go companion for you. And, they’re celebrating its release by giving away the iPad Minis.

You just might be able to try out Quote Roller, find how much time it’ll save you, and then get an iPad Mini for free to make you even more productive on the go!

Quote Roller Giveaway

But why are you still here? Head over to the Quote Roller site, sign up for a free trial, then like the Quote Roller Facebook page and share the giveaway photo with your Facebook friends to get entered in the giveaway. That’s not too much work for a chance at a free iPad Mini, now is it? And hey — you’ll likely find that Quote Roller will save you time and keep you from having to work too hard on making quotes and proposals for your clients, even on the go with their new iOS app.

My wife and I recently moved to a new-to-us townhouse. Moving’s never easy, but it’s at least gotten us to go through our clothes and stuff, clearing out what we’ll likely never use again and organizing what we’ve kept so we’ll find it easier. It’s still a work in progress, but should be an improvement once we’re settled in.

So it goes with moving to new apps. Google Reader’s demise has forced us all to find a new home for our RSS feeds, and that’s likely made it the perfect time to change how you approach RSS. Fever’s made it easier for me to find the top stuff in the news each day, without having to read through all of my feeds, and finding new apps that work with it has been a fun process. I still essentially read my feeds the same, but I sure enjoy my current setup more than I did Google Reader.

Has the move away from Google Reader changed anything for you? Do you check RSS feeds more or less often with your new app? Or, have you given up on RSS altogether, opting instead for social networking and news aggregators?

When I first reviewed Podio , a social network designed specifically for use in business, back in September 2011, I was extremely impressed with it. It received our highly commended 9 out of 10 score and I concluded the review by mentioning that the sheer range of features available to users of Podio makes it useful in almost any single business situation and that it was a vital, versatile and price-effective solution for better internal business collaboration.

Almost two years on, those words still stand. Although Podio is now part of Citrix Systems (it was acquired back in April 2012), this doesn’t mean that they’ve sold their soul out to some heartless multinational corporation. Quite the contrary, actually. Podio has gone from strength to strength since being acquired — adding some pretty nifty features to its arsenal — and I still retain it’s the best way for businesses to collaborate. Allow me to explain why.


Ever wished you could shave 50% or more off the time it takes you to send proposals to your clients? Then you need to give Bidsketch, our sponsor this week a try.

Bidsketch promises to take the pain out of making proposals, saving you time and helping you win more clients and projects in the process. It integrates with the apps you use — Basecamp, Highrise, FreshBooks, Salesforce, Harvest, and more — so you can get your data in and out of Bidsketch with ease. It then lets you save reusable content chunks so you can make personalized proposals for each projects, and still not have to write everything each time. You can then enhance your proposals with custom CSS and HTML themes, and easily add optional extras to your proposals to upsell to your clients.


When it’s time to close the deal, it couldn’t be easier than with Bidsketch. Your clients can read the entire proposal online, add comments directly to the proposal, or just accept and sign it without needing to print or fax anything. You’ll get notifications along the way, to know if your client actually read the proposal and if they’re looking over it again. It’s simple and easy for you and your clients.

Bidsketch has helped its users take on nearly $200 million worth of projects, and it’s ready to help you start getting more proposals sent out and approved by your clients.

Try Bidsketch Out Today!

Best of all, it’s terribly simple to see Bidsketch in action. Just head over to, enter your name and email in the form, and it’ll send you a demo bid — just like you can send to your clients with a Bidsketch account. You can try out digitally signing and accepting the proposal online and see how it works. Then, you can signup for a free 14 day trial of Bidsketch, and get your own account starting at $19/month.

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Back when Firefox was the cool new upstart browser to use, and IE 6 was still the dominant browser, add-ons were one of the most exciting part of the web. You could tweak your browser, giving it extra features and a brand-new look-and-feel in seconds. They were fun, and the best of them pushed what we all expect from browsers forward.

Then Chrome came along with its promises of speed, and originally had no extensions. Most of us switched — and stayed — for the speed, as well as the clean interface uncluttered by extra buttons. When extensions came back in vogue, it seemed a pity to clutter it too much.

That's why I personally only keep a very few extensions in Safari and Chrome: the Evernote Clipper and 1Password extensions, as well as the extension in Chrome. It's all I really need, with everything else (like Instapaper and Pinboard) covered by bookmarklets.

How about you? How many browser extensions do you keep in your browser today? We'd love to hear your favorite browser extensions in the comments below.

There’s more ways than ever to share short videos now, from Instagram and Flickr’s videos to Vine. But what about the tons of pictures you’ve taken? You can’t share them all to Instagram, and if you put them on Facebook most people won’t see them all. How about just turn them into a quick video instead with Evver, our sponsor this week?

Evver is a brand-new way that’ll turn your pictures into a beautiful video slideshow in only a couple minutes. Just signup with your email or Facebook account, select one of the many songs it has ready to include in your video, then drag-and-drop your photos into the editor. Rearrange them to the order you want, then click Done. Seconds later, you’ll have a complete video just like the one below, ready to share with your family and friends.

Your photos will be synced to the music and will include Ken Burns-style transitions. With the beautiful music tracks included in Evver, your photos will quickly go from normal shots to unforgettable memories of your event or trip. Instead of a few seconds of video that you’d get with Vine or Instagram Videos, Evver gives you a full song-length video that’s perfect to capture the most of your trip’s pictures.

Best of all, Evver’s 100% free, so you can make all the videos you want and share them with all of your friends. You’ve got to try it out!

Keep Your Memories for-Evver

Here’s your chance to try out Evver and see how simple it really is to turn your pictures into a video you’ll want to share. Just head over to, signup for a free account, and see what you can do with some of your best summer photos. We’d love to see the videos you make with Evver in the comments below!

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The biggest surprise of Apple's 2013 WWDC keynote was not the new versions of iOS and OS X, since those were expected. Rather, it was the iWork Web Apps — browser-based versions of their word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation apps that are nearly perfect copies of their iPad counterparts. We've already looked at the developer preview of the iWork Web Apps at Mac.AppStorm, and they're really good already. They lack collaboration features, but if you're making documents on your own, and especially if you care about your page layout and image presentation, they're a serious contender in the online office space.

But then, you'll have to have an iCloud account to use it — free if you have a Mac or iOS device, but otherwise you're out of luck. And then, there's no way to collaborate with others outside of emailing files, something that is quite the step backwards from Google Docs. But it is pretty, and does format documents much nicer than other online office suites so far.

So how about you? Will you be using iWork online, or are Google Docs good enough for you?

Email’s the default business communications app; most of us use it to collaborate with our colleagues without even thinking. But as you start sending more emails back and forth, email can get unwieldy, with important messages lost in the clutter. That’s inspired a whole generation of business apps that try to help us communicate and collaborate outside of email.

Why not just keep using email, and make it better for business collaboration? That’s what GrexIt, our sponsor this week, is designed for. They realized that email’s still the killer app for business, and set out to make it better by adding shared labels and tools to assign tasks and check their status to Gmail and Google Apps accounts. That way, you can archive emails with labels like “Support”, “HR”, “Accounting”, or your project names, and the emails will be automatically shared with everyone you’ve added to those labels. It makes collaborating with your team as simple as keeping your inbox cleaned up.

Then, since it’s just Gmail labels, you can use GrexIt even if you sync your email with Outlook,, or your mobile devices. You can also integrate GrexIt with Google Chrome to manage your shared labels and more directly from Gmail, without having to open your GrexIt account.


If you’ve been wanting a better way for your team to collaborate but didn’t want to have to change your current email-based workflow, GrexIt is exactly what you need. We loved GrexIt when we tried it out for our review, and are sure it’ll be a great asset for your business.

Get GrexIt Half Off!

As a special offer for our Web.AppStorm readers, you can get a free first month trial of GrexIt, and then get a 50% rebate on your first paid month of GrexIt just by signing up at Or, you can keep using GrexIt for free if your team only has up to 3 users and 5 shared labels. Be sure to give it a try this week, and see if it’s the tool you need to make email the ultimate killer app for business.

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