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Web apps can be confusing, but with so many of them out there, there’s bound to either be one that’ll fit your needs, or a way to make your favorite ones work better. Last week, we asked for your questions about web apps, and we’ve gotten two great questions so far.

Our reader Melissa asked if we knew of a “to-do list app that offers a nice clean interface, is fast and easy to use, allows for shared tasks, and has an iPhone app that syncs.” She’s already found Flow to be nice but pricey, Wunderlist to be a lot slower in entering tasks and syncing, and Todoist to be great but has no task sharing.

Then, our reader Jussie finds YouTube to be a bit messy for managing video channel subscriptions, and wanted a nicer web app to manage video subscriptions.

Keep reading after the break for our ideas for each of these problems! (more…)

It can be tricky to find the perfect web app, when there’s so many to choose from. Then, even if you find the perfect app, it can be difficult to figure out how to best use the apps sometimes. With web apps more than almost any other category, there’s little guidance out there to help you figure out what to do.

That’s where we want to help. We’d like to know the problems you’re having with web apps – or the things you’d like to do online but can’t find the right app for – and we’ll try to help in a new Ask the Editor series. Just send us a message on Twitter @webappstorm, or fill out the form below with your question, and we’ll get to answering them in articles soon! We hope this will help us know how to focus our writing time, and make our articles more useful for you.

Sound good? Then send us a message today, and we’ll include the first answers in our post next week.

Over the past couple months, we’ve started a new Ask the Editor series across the AppStorm sites. As you may have heard, I’m the new editor of Web.AppStorm, and am excited to get to answer some of the questions you have sent in over the past several weeks.

In today’s edition of Ask the Editor, we’ll see how you can read your Twitter, Facebook, RSS, and more together, tips for getting started building webapps, and ways to get inspiration. Additionally, we’ve got a special section with tips from our Twitter followers on managing multiple Gmail accounts. If you’ve got another pressing question about webapps, feel free to send in your own question at the end of this post! (more…)

It’s time for another “Ask the Editor” post today. Thanks to everyone who sent in their questions; keep sending them in (via form at the end). It’s great getting the opportunity to help out with your web-related queries.

Some of the topics covered this week include protecting the data you store in web apps from potential loss by either app developer mistakes or closure of the app, task management apps and how to retain users for developers.

Read on for plenty of handy web knowledge; hopefully you’ll find most of it useful for your own situation as well!


We’re kicking off another new post series today, called “Ask the Editor”. This is a great way for you to ask questions about Web software (or related hardware) and AppStorm and I will share my responses. Whether you’re dying to know where you should store your photos, are seeking the best of the best apps, or you want to know how to accomplish something with a web app, I’m here to help!

I’ve had some great questions submitted this week, so read on to find out what my responses are (and how you can submit your own questions for the next article!)


We’re going to be kicking off a new series next week, called “Ask the Editor”. This will run a few times each month, and give you a chance to submit questions to be answered by our editorial team (and a few expert writers, if we need some assistance!)

Whether you have a question related to web apps, browsers, or Web.AppStorm in general, I’d really love to hear it! I’ll do my best to answer a series of diverse questions that will be interesting for everyone.

Without further ado, here’s a quick form to submit your question for next week’s post. Hopefully you’ll be seeing my response up on AppStorm soon. Thanks for contributing!