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Today Google announced they’re pulling the plug on Google Wave, a real-time communication app some viewed as the next generation “email” service. Google won’t be shutting it down completely but will cease further development “as a standalone product”.

Announced May 27, 2009, Google Wave built quite a wave of hype (excuse the pun) through its public launch nearly a year later, May 19, 2010. The technology clearly had incredible potential and techies were steaming with excitement over its possibilities, yet here we are, witnessing its death.

Could Google Wave have been saved? Better yet, could it still be saved?


Mashable, in celebration of their fifth birthday, have published a Look Back at the Last 5 Years in Blogging. The post begins with a reference to one of the original pillars of blogging: Technorati. Back in the day, every blogger who was anyone made sure their blog was in the Technorati blog search engine and directory.

When we started up our Envato blogs I had an account where I would submit them, and we kept a close eye on how our authority was tracking to see if we would break into the super exclusive club that was the Technorati Top 100. These days the site has really dropped off my radar, so today I set out to see if it still has any relevance?


Recent tech press coverage of Tumblr has been to tell us just how fast Tumblr has been growing. In fact TechCrunch reported a couple of weeks ago that Tumblr pumps out 1.5 billion pageviews a month!

Here at Web.AppStorm we get a fair bit of search traffic for terms relating to “Tumblr themes”. Last month, Tumblr related terms accounted for almost 9,000 visits to this blog. So I got to thinking that maybe we should look at what other types of Tumblr related content people might like. (more…)

There’s a new Google Image UI out and about and it’s looking decidedly Bing-ish. It’s not often that you see Google taking a lead from Microsoft – and certainly not in anything to do with search. But I guess a good thing is a good thing.

There are of course some differences. The main results listing looks pretty much identical to Bing, except packed a lot tighter and with different Google controls on the side. The image details page however is now an overlay on top of the faded out site the image came from. Bing’s version of this page shows the image above the results. Both are an improvement on Google’s old UI! (more…)

Remember when MySpace was number one? Then Facebook passed it by, and the world began more or less forgetting about the service. Today while using Google Trends to look at some different URLs I thought I’d see how far MySpace has fallen. It turns out that Twitter has now also passed it by. In fact looking around the web you can almost see a changing of the guard happening with sites that were massively popular a few years ago losing ground to younger upstarts like Twitter, Tumblr and Twitpic. Here are a few interesting trends snapshots: (more…)

The long awaited OnLive Game Service is just around the corner, scheduled for a June 17th launch, when they’ll begin activating “launch member” accounts. The OnLive Game Service is an on demand service for games, capable of delivering major game titles via home broadband. The best part? You don’t need a massive graphics card or large game download to play, just jump into a capable browser and start gaming!

Read on for more OnLive registration and gaming news.


As I’ve said before, we’re seeing the lines between web apps and desktop apps quickly blurring and we all know where this is heading. It’s safe to say we can expect to see usable cloud computing solutions actually capable of replacing desktop systems for many people.

Google just kicked it up a notch announcing the Chrome Web Store. The wildly popular app store concept is finally being applied to today’s powerful web apps, closing the gap between native desktop and web apps even further. The Chrome Web Store is a marketplace that will make it easy for people to find and “install” todays powerful web apps.

Read on for more info., screenshots and our thoughts.


With as much technology news as there is, most of us are bound to miss lots of great information. While it would be impossible to cover everything that happens in a week, we would like to bring you a roundup of web app news you may have missed this week.


Google Maps was groundbreaking when it was first introduced, and really exemplified the future and capabilities of web apps. As the massively popular app has matured, so has its features and capabilities. Yesterday Google announced and released Earth view within Google Maps, a 3D look at Earth and a growing list of cities.

You’ll find some screenshots of some neat 3D views you can find in Earth view after the jump.


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