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It’s hard enough to run a fundraiser and convince people to give to your cause. The last thing that should be difficult is receiving the money once people decide to contribute. Recently, I needed to raise money for a fundraiser and was looking for a tool to be able to do this easily. After searching through various big sites such as JustGiving, I realized that there weren’t many ways to raise funds online for personal projects.

PayPal was the only place that kept coming up as a simple way to raise donations. Well known as the most popular way to send funds online, PayPal is something many of us use regurally in work already. It’s not 100% straightforward to set it up for receiving donations, but it’s not too hard either. So whether you’re raising funds for your school or perhaps for Movember, here’s what you’ll need to do to accept donations via PayPal.


It’s 2012, and almost everything that we work with has turned digital. However, sometimes this creates bigger problems than its worth – such as signing documents. Taking pen to paper for a couple of seconds used to be something terribly easy. This allowed you to manage and sign everything you wanted quickly and simply, though getting the document to and from the sender took far longer.

Today, you can get a form digitally sent to you in seconds, but you’ll often have to print it out, sign it, scan it, then email or perhaps fax it back. It’s far from a simple process. That’s why Adobe’s EchoSign, an effortless and pain free method to e-sign documents professionally and securely, seems so exciting. We didn’t assume it’d work great, but came away very impressed by its actual implementation. Read on to find out more!


Photo editors are something which we all need from time to time. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a casual blogger, editing tools are necessary for most of our jobs. However, choosing the right one for you is a difficult task, and the majority of us don’t have spare money to invest in some of the high end software. This means it’s pretty slim pickings if you want a capable program will a relatively low price tag.

Recently, I’ve came across Photo Raster, a web app that fit the bill perfectly, something I never expected to happen. Read on to find out how Photo Raster fits into my workflow.


Web apps may be getting more popular, but that doesn’t mean they’ve fully replaced traditional apps for most of us, at least not yet. Unfortunately, the same is true for those of use that use Macs, Linux machines, or tablets: for the most part, they won’t run traditional Windows apps we’re often required to use for work, education, and more. Even on Microsoft’s upcoming Surface tablets, you’ll have to leave your old PC app behind on the ARM based variants.

Seems like the cloud should have some solution for this problem. That’s where the new Nivio service comes in. It lets you run the Windows 7 desktop right in your browser, add new desktop programs to your cloud-based Windows in seconds, and access all of your files from nDrive, whether you’re using Windows online or just need to grab a file. It turns the whole PC experience into a web app, and I love it! Read on to find out why!


Trying to get valuable advice from your site audience can be a tricky process. You’ll always hear from your users when they encounter a problem on your app or disagree with something you’ve written, but you’ll seldom hear people telling you what you’re doing right. Something as small as your ad placement or text size might be bugging them, but they won’t ever think to tell you, and you’ll have no way of knowing they need help.

WebEngage is an app that can help you actually start the conversations you need with your customers through more detailed contact forms and targeted surveys. It won’t instantly make your site better, but might get you started knowing more of what your audience needs and how you can make your site better. And that is something we all need.


Weddings are a pinnacle moment in anyone’s life. It should be a special day which you can share with friends and family. However, after the wedding is over there is always the dilemma of transferring information and pictures from person to person. Everyone wants to treasure the special memories of the day! This is where Weduary can significantly help you.

Weduary is a web app that helps you to quickly create a wedding website in a short amount of time. Using a simple template which guides users easily through the different steps, you can make a special wedding to celebrate your wedding without spending hours trying to design a site and figure out how a new tool works.


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