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Today on AppStorm I’m going to roundup seven of the best applications that allow you to track time and expenses. These applications, mostly aimed at freelancers and small businesses, make the arduous process of creating invoices and tracking expenses simple and effortless – injecting a little fun into an otherwise boring task.

The web-based time and expenses tracking applications I’ve highlighted below all offer a variety of additional features and price points (many are priced on a per-user basis). These differences distinguish the applications, making specific apps better for different types of businesses and individuals. In order to help you find the perfect application all seven applications below offer free trials, with some offering a completely free package, giving you the chance to try before you commit to a monthly subscription.

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Advancements in technology have had a substantial impact on the retail market as businesses rush to adopt cloud retail management sotware to help them some with the rigors of the work. These come in a variety of forms, including Point of Sale (POS) systems, inventory management apps, and barcode scanners.

These applications are generally more cost effective than traditional on-premise solutions and are becoming more accessible due to the abundance of devices present in the workplace.

In this article I’m going to look at five of the best web-based retail management apps with free trials. Hopefully this will give you a better opportunity to find the perfect solution for you.

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When searching for the best SaaS business applications it is a tough task to avoid a Saleforce product in your quest. This is because Salesforce has developed a huge range of successful and powerful applications to help businesses with their sales, service, marketing, and analytics. These products have attracted an incredible amount of users as they are simple but incredibly feature stacked — making the running of a business a much easier task.

In this article I’m going to roundup six of the best web-based Salesforce applications, providing information on the key features and pricing model of each.

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The most effective way to improve your business over time is by analyzing the past, working out your problems and changing for the future. A powerful way of doing this is by implementing web-based business intelligence software into your everyday workflow.

There are various reasons why using an online business intelligence application is a good choice. The most important reason is ease. Recording and breaking down historical data can often be an arduous task. By implementing an SaaS business intelligence tool you can make this process hassle-free, allowing you to focus on the future rather than the past.

However, not all business intelligence software is created equally and finding the most optimal solution for you can sometimes be a long and annoying process of trial and error. To make this easier for you we’ve rounded up seven of the best business intelligence tools with free trials.

Hopefully, this will make the testing process easier and give you the chance to gain more exposure to the best online business intelligence options. Read on to find out more!


An aim of any business is to make the process of inventory management as simple and easy as possible. However, for many, the process is rife with issues, especially for those currently undergoing fundamental growth.

A solution to this problem, which removes the stresses of inventory management, is the availability of web-based inventory management software.

In this article I’m going to review six of the best web-based inventory management software solutions that offer free trials. This should make the process of choosing the tool for you and your business an awful lot easier, since you can preview the look and feel of this cloud inventory management software before you buy.

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Thanks to the availability of web-based CRM software it is now redundant to manage customer relations and your human resources department through mountains of filing or spreadsheets. An online CRM make the process quicker, easier, and generally more efficient. This is achieved through offering a wide range of capabilities including the ability to track customer interactions and allowing employees to book time off.

The great thing about web-based CRM apps is that they are always-on and always available from any device you happen to be using. Another great feature of cloud-based CRMs is that they can integrate with many of your other web-based business systems, making you more productive, and allowing you to feed sales data to other areas of your company.

The advantages of using cloud CRM software are numerous. In this article I will highlight the unique differences between some of the top CRM solutions in order help you find the best CRM solution for your business needs.

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It’s not a straightforward choice when picking a web-based HR application for your business needs. With a huge amount of apps and with every developer promising the same capabilities, it’s often impossible to distinguish between the best options.

In this article we’ve teamed up with our sister site GetApp to highlight the best ranked web-based HR applications. To help you make your HR software decisions easier I will cover the features that make each app special. Each of the HR apps I’ve picked out comes with a free trial so you can assess if it fits the needs of your business before you take the plunge and purchase the software.

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Want to get ahead in business? Get an app! Today on Appstorm I’m going to highlight 25 fantastic web-based business applications. Some will help you manage a team, manage your finances or even manage your customers, and all of them will help you to improve your businesses efficiency. These apps all have a free version, or at least a very comprehensive free trial.

Lets dive in!

[Note] This article was originally published in December 2012. It was updated in October 2015 to include freemium apps for business.


In business it is essential that we are constantly creating targets, goals and milestones in order to show progression and growth. However, tracking these goals can often be a struggle when everyday demands keep you on your feet. A solution to this is using dedicated applications to help set, track and ultimately achieve those business goals.

Here I pick out a selection of 15 of these fantastic applications, including cloud-based apps for CRM, productivity, and accounting. Read on to find out more about how they can benefit your business.

[Update] This post was originally published on February 4th 2011. It was updated on September 21st 2015 to include details of the very latest business apps.


Task managers have become essential tools in taking control of multiple projects and maintaining a successful workflow. Every task manager (or project management software as its generally known at a business level) will come equipped with basic features such as scheduling and mobile integration, but finding the perfect solution which fits your specific business needs is often a difficult and time consuming task.

Hopefully our list of the 10 best web-based task management apps will help in your search, if you haven’t already found yours.


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