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In the internet age, people spend a lot of time making things to share with others with no promise of financial compensation for their time – it’s simply shared because people enjoy doing it. Bloggers, software developers, and artists share their content with the world, often for free, and so it’s natural that some of the people coming across this may want to give back. Naturally, some of these creators put donation links on their websites but with the extortionate fees of some of the payment processors, it can often be useless donating small amounts. Then again, if you did want to help out every creator by donating a large amount, your wallet would probably empty pretty quickly.

Flattr is a compromise. Well, it’s a lot more than that.


With any development project or something in which bugs are required to be fixed constantly, it can be a real pain to manage what needs to be worked on. Developers need to know exactly what’s wrong to ensure that they can release fixes in a swift turnaround and prevent any errors that could result from the bugs. Luckily, in the age of web apps, there’s a web app for everything and in this case, there’s a perfect one for the task of this in the form of Snowy Evening.

Much like its name, it’s quaint and is a nice little app that really packs a punch in the field of issue tracking. Packed with an incredible interface and a really practical pricing model, it can be a really good addition to any developer’s toolkit. Read on to find out more!


Any business looking to ensure that they offer a good customer service to their consumers is going to want some way of providing help to their users online. In today’s competitive market, being the best is crucial and if your customers think that you’re going to do your best at making sure their issues are rectified, there’s no doubt you’ll probably get repeat business. There are plenty of high-quality support ticket apps out there, but these can often come with a matching price tag. Luckily, there are some free options, too.

The app I’ll be looking at today is Trellis Desk and it certainly fits within the free and high quality category. All you need is a web server to install it on with some basic requirements and you’re away!


Every good website administrator wants their users to love their website as much as they do. It’s for this reason that a lot of site owners invest a fair bit of money into tools that do this job for them and get responses from the users on their experience using the website. These apps generally come with a limited variety of features and over-complicate certain aspects that should be a lot simpler.

UserReport is different. It’s free and offers a comprehensive range of features to get this job done. Read on to find out more about this exciting app!


When it comes to general group and project management apps, there are plenty out there to choose from. In that sense, it really comes down to what each organisation or group wants to achieve from the use of the app and this can really help to cement that decision. Another factor that often comes into consideration is the cost of using that app. Most of this sort of app run on a freemium monthly pricing model but if you don’t get a lot of business that month or you don’t have any projects currently on the go, you could potentially be throwing money at an app that you’re getting no use out of.

Open Atrium changes this. It’s an open source “intranet in a box” that makes collaboration simpler and more affordable than ever. All you need to get it running is a web server with a few basic requirements and then you’re away!


It’s no secret that we here at AppStorm come across a bunch of new project management apps on a regular basis. There’s so many project management web apps, but then again, there’s so many ways of tackling project management and to-do lists that it’s hard to classify them all together. Because of this, it can be hard to find the best ones that aren’t just carbon copies of other popular apps already out there.

Some task and project management apps provide ways of making task management as simple as possible, others pack in a lot of features, and the one I’m looking at today provides a unique twist by defining the most relevant tasks for the day ahead. Enter, GoalStacker.


Anyone doing business with clients should be familiar with the dreaded invoice. Though they signify that you’re going to be paid at some point in the near future, something you would think would be a a good thing, if you have to deal with quite a few of them on a regular basis, you begin to see them in a very different light. I have no quibbles with invoices, per se, but I must admit that they can be a major headache to compile.

Luckily, we’re in 2012. With web apps proving to be going as strong as ever, this annoying task of creating invoices is made ever-so-bearable through dedicated web apps. One such app is Invoicebus.


If you’re an avid follower of Web.AppStorm, you’ll know that we review quite a lot of project and task management apps. The reason for this is that, in the age of everything becoming cloud-based, there’s a lot of demand for this type of thing. This demand means that apps must do their best to stand out amongst the crowd. One such app intent on doing just that is TriggerApp.

It promises to unify project and task management and does so in its sleek and modern interface. With support for several different features to ensure that no member of a project gets lost, it really is a great new contender in the field of management online.


It’s no secret that online communities, though the technology and structure has been around for a while, are still thriving and are as popular as ever. Apps have managed to take full advantage of this and provide their own take on the message board format and one such example is Vanilla. It takes the idea back to its basics and provides its users with an incredible interface to engage in real conversations.

I originally reviewed Vanilla back in 2010 but a fair bit has changed since then and I’ll be taking a closer look at these changes. Read on to find out more!


Whether you run your own blog network built around the open source WordPress platform or you just manage a few blogs for clients, you’ll probably understand how hard it is to manually maintain these through each one’s separate admin panels. It appears that the developers of ManageWP have decided to do something about this and have developed an app that takes care of the issue for those finding it to be a problem.

ManageWP allows bloggers and webmasters alike to manage multiple WordPress-powered websites easily within one central admin panel. With support for network-wide upgrades and the installing of additional plugins and themes to all blogs, it can be a real help to those finding this to be the case.


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