When you think of a CMS, chances are you think of a PHP-based application installed on your server that lets you login and add/edit pages, such as Drupal or Joomla, or maybe even WordPress. Such content management systems are great, especially for users that aren’t massively fluent in code. However, the way these websites work can make it difficult to customise your website, leaving the backend dictating how the frontend works. Osmek, on the other hand, aims to be flexible enough (and powerful enough) to work with any design or idea you have whilst leaving you with benefit of easy data entry.

How does it do this, and how good a job does it do? Let’s take a look… (more…)

Many businesses today, perhaps web-based businesses especially, are changing from the traditional company structure. By allowing their employees to be more autonomous and having a less-sharply defined chain of authority, work can proceed with less interruption and without the need for consulting superiors on every decision.

10,000ft is a project manager designed to cater to the specific needs of companies using this new management structure. It’s beautifully designed and packed full of features. Let’s have a look at them… (more…)

For a while now, GitHub has been running a service called GitHub Pages. Based on Jekyll, GitHub Pages allows for the creation of websites as either standalone sites or to accompany code projects on GitHub. This is great, but adding new pages is a little tricky unless you’re a seasoned Git pro.

That is where Prose comes in. Once you’ve authenticated your GitHub account, Prose lets you edit existing text files and create new ones ready for Jekyll to convert them to HTML. Prose is geared towards the creation of new Jekyll pages in the Markdown format. Markdown, if you’re unfamiliar, is a simple type of markup language designed to be both easy to learn and to convert to well-formed HTML.

The question is, do Prose and GitHub make a good enough team to displace more traditional website backends?


Pipeno is a beta publishing platform. Pipeno is (going to be) fully featured. Pipeno will be polished and well-rounded tool. Pipeno has a range of pricing options. Pipeno is starting to sound like an Apple product. Perhaps it should, because Pipeno really is an interesting and comprehensive offering. Read on to see whether Pipeno is what you need to start your own news-blog, e-Media network, or just to share pictures of your cats with the world.


SublimeVideo.net promises to give you a sexy, embeddable and customizable HTML5 video player for your website that will work in every major browser (and quite a few minor ones too). SublimeVideo is currently in beta, but it’s coming soon and we’ve got the scoop. Read on after the fold to learn how to use this fantastic web app.