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In business, knowing a lot of people is a great asset. If you are a marketing professional, it’s imperative you get to connect with as many people as possible. Smart sales persons not only concentrate on the networking part of the equation, but also in putting the contacts to good use to boost sales.

The first step is to collate all the contact data into a form that makes sense. Even if you manage to fill your digital address books with all the contact information you have got, keeping track of all the back and forth is the key to closing a deal. Handy Elephant promises to transform your ever increasing number of contacts into a network of dynamic relationships. Lets learn how after the break.


Online event planning is as old as the Internet itself. Spend a few bucks (or not) and a web app will do most of the heavy lifting, making you the perfect host. People are very much accustomed to receive evites and RSVPing online as the entire process makes lives easier for the event planner and attendees alike.

But what if you are looking to break the tradition of inviting only friends and acquaintances for a get together or a soft ball game? How to invite people in your locale who happen to enjoy dunking hoops or pitching a ball but aren’t in your contact list? That’s where Plangr fits the bill perfectly. Follow me after the fold to find exactly how novel the app is.

Everyone has an opinion about almost everything. Never mind if one is an expert in a topic or not, there will be something to say about it anyway. Now that social networking is a rage, you cannot away escape from opinions as they are always being shouted and posted around you.

Most of what I wrote above holds good for face to face, off the cuff conversations. However, if you were to look for people to give their opinions on the record, even anonymously, the numbers won’t be flattering. From the mighty Polldaddy to the innovative new comer, there is no dearth of free and paid apps to create online polls. The problem is getting people to give you their opinion in a structured poll rather than just in a random ranting tweet. How does GoPollGo stand out from the rest?


Gone are the days when you needed a truckload of money to start an eCommerce venture. I’m not saying that you don’t need a huge amount of capital to start your own shop online. It all depends on the nature and volume of goods you deal with. But one variable of the equation has been tackled successfully over the years.

I’m referring to the availability of free, open and affordable ecommerce platforms that gets you going from day one. Whenever there is a new software platform is launched, developers first think how best they can convert it to an online shop. SaaS providers like Shopify have made the need for custom code totally unnecessary.

Made Freshly competes with Shopify trying to help users sell online quickly and efficiently. Is the web app capable enough to go head on with a giant like Shopify? Let’s go check out!


Enterprise software were never fun to use. For years, in the name of “professional looking”, a boring user interface was listed as most enterprise software’s major USP, it seemed. Microsoft Outlook remained as the path breaking collaboration (!) tool for decades. It ruled the roost until the another equally legendary social collaboration tool, Sharepoint, arrived. Slowly, very slowly, companies are embracing SaaS apps, but they are often not much better.

Everytime I use a leading project management and collaboration web app, I can’t fathom why such a clunky tool is used by millions. Naturally, I was skeptical when I heard about WorkSimple, which claims to be a social enterprise platform. To learn if WorkSimple wiped the doubtful smirk off my face or not, hit jump.


Bookmarking apps are not exactly the rare breed they used to be. A lot has changed over a couple of years. In fact, there is too much supply than demand in the marketplace. On the other hand, the volume of bookmarks are going up exponentially and in nine out of ten cases users are locked into the service they first sign up with.

That probably explains the torrent of new wave bookmarking apps. Grazely is a next generation social bookmarking tool that helps you discover, save, organize and share exciting content on the web, privately or publicly. Is this web app as exceptional as it clams to be? Let us go find out!


If you are a regular reader you should probably know about a major gripe of mine – lack of quality feed reader apps on the web like the ones available for iOS. While remaining loyal to Google Reader for the time being, I am constantly looking out for that one awesome web app that will make me jump a creaking ship.

As and when I find some hopefuls, I never miss a chance to take them for a spin and share the results with our community. Subpug brings all your favourite websites, blogs and news sources into one convenient place. It’s totally free and there’s no need to sign up. You don’t even need to give us your email address. So, is it the feed reader that’s gonna make me ditch the good old Reader?


How many times have you come back from a shopping run with a bunch of grocery bags, only to find that you have forgot the items (again) for which you made the trip in the first place? Even when you don’t have a mom or a significant other to yell at your mistake, forgetting items after a shopping run is no less annoying.

If you plan to be a more efficient shopper in the future, try ZipList. The web app lets you create and manage your grocery shopping list, find and save your favorite recipes from across the web, get great savings and share with your entire family. Let’s go take a look.


Running a service business? Then you might understand the need for a robust appointment scheduling solution. Appointments, if mishandled, will end up making the customer furious and lead to under utilization of your resources. In both cases, there s a very good chance that your bottomline gets hurt.

Deploying an online appointment scheduling app will benefit both you and your customers. Coconut Calendar is one such web app that works to maximize your schedule with the least amount of downtime. After the break, let us go over the steps to create an effective appointment booking setup.


Enterprise software market is a lucrative cash cow. Once you get the professional types start using your apps, you are probably set for life. They don’t usually change their course midway and are accustomed to familiarity. But when it comes to presentations, office dwellers always look for ways to make their content pop. That’s a potential opening for Web 2.0 companies aspiring to disrupt the enterprise app scene.

I recently discovered SpeakerDeck, which claims to be the best way to share presentations online. Simply upload your slides as a PDF and the web app will turn them into a beautiful online experience. Presentations can be viewed at SpeakerDeck or can be shared on any website with an embed code. Can it beat Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Presentations?


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